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The can make a difference now defensively up against new england they can give them big problems and you didn't even mention the guy that would be the biggest problem you gotta deal with rob brown cal ski right survey may mean of wrong if you win was in the super bowl and crawl is there you've you've got to find a way to deal with him and the rams are one of the few teams that have hs piece that they can move all over the board deal with garang and that would be mark baron now i know sean mcveigh said that mark bairnsdale ability for a wildcard game might be up in the air based on whether trump is dealing with an achilles injury but to me that's what should give people hope if you're rams fan that if they get there they couldn't match up against new england at least a little bit transparent against grog is something that very few teams if any really have there's your ultimate jess peace and you turn those the lineman lose any travel at the move brady all over the place it would be a fascinating match up but again i just go back to while dos verlander can sean mcveigh is fantastic against bill bella check he'll be playing checkers begins somebody who's playing chess and that's a big part of the patriots winning games i mean look we saw what pete carroll did in a big moment in the super bowl we saw would dan quinn didn't a big moment in the super bowl we saw what happens who bill bella chicken a super bowl when everything's going on he staring at the other side not talking to his assistants and then says go rounded and something that he coached the guy up on eight weeks ago came into play and they ended up winning one of the things that people i think underestimate against the new england patriots is other teams willingness and ability to make mistakes robberies in ohio next gresham cbs sports radio what's up bob we're harbor gore great my french jewish rainfall up a little while talk to you about or you go at a question or were talking about uh uh either way i'm gonna still with that.

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