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But for the most part, Jared, cough was as you mentioned missing missing some throws that he usually is able to make because he was getting hurried up. Michael Bennett was able to make some noise in that front four in that front seven for the eagles was able to do something that we haven't really seen them do since last season. Alshon Jeffery looked like he was the same guy from the playoffs last year. He gets a all eight of his targets for eight hundred six yards in score. Touchdown. But you know, you could see the relationship between foles and Jeffrey, and they they can't mentioned this during the broadcast because cons worth brought it up that it was like a backyard football game with foale's in the huddle. And you saw the difference in that offense was what the eagles were able to do. And how. Much more comfortable, they looked you know with Peterson with foale's in the huddle. And from your vantage point Lombardi just watching this game. How crazy is it? A si that eagles team seem to get offense of rhythm and a flow with falls under center. And how different they just looked overall. As a team. Why thank you know. Yeah. The eagles the eagles. Look good. But I mean, I thought more than anything about the Rams are horrendous on defense. I think the Rams have been horrendous on defense. I think for all these name players that they have over there. Adama can sue. I don't see him do anything inside. You know, he's got all every opportunity to be single blocked because protections always slide into Donald. I don't see them making a play. I think you know, Collins said you can't throw the ball over to Toledo. Hell they were throwing the ball over to lead the whole game. I mean tha leaves whether he's one hundred percent or not he's not the same keep to leave that he was three years ago. You can throw on them. Same thing with Marcus Peters. Everybody in the league goes after Marcus Peters. They challenge them. They double move them. And I just think this ram team. They're debt is not very good. The injuries are setting in. But more than anything if. If you look at the last three weeks, and you know, Jared Goff has been ride in the Sean McVay train, but the last three weeks tape Frazier seven interceptions one touchdown averaging five point five two five yards per attempt. He's only made three plays in the last three weeks of over twenty five yards. I mean, his numbers are remarkably bad. This is this is pre Sean McVay Jared Goff. And I wrote the column on the Aflac about would you pay Jared Goff thirty million? I said I needed more time and after and if he doesn't improve look he's got San Francisco this week. And then he has you know, I think he has Arizona this week. Then San Francisco I mean, those are the teams he plays well against but last year in the playoffs. He was the worst quarterback in the playoffs. I set at last year after the game this year in the homestretch. He's been really bad. And I think to me that's got a concern. The Rams I tweeted the other night. I mean, obviously, obviously Cooper Cup has to be the MVP because he's the only piece missing. Now, look, I know Austin blind. The right guard is her is not playing very well. I get that. He's not playing good at all. But God almighty, how can this offense be this bad at when it was so good one thing that you can point out when you look at his offense. And a reason why they may not be what they were is because Todd Gurley at this point. He is injured he is banged up. I mean, he got hurt in this game was what they were saying. I think he got hurt and Kansas City to tape Frazier. He city he's been hurt. You know, you can see that he is limping around and he's trying to play third. I mean, he missed most of the third quarter in this game. And even when he was able to come back when they head that goal line Saint after they they realized that Reynolds was down short of the goal on any comment comes in his scores. A touchdown once he hits the ground there. I mean, it took a lot of effort for him to get up and keep going. There is whole team. Dolphins Alon picked him up. Whitworth just pulled him straight up from there..

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