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In speights pathetic these two guys in they just it's albano try of for the caught for you for you in our audience i will try to get through the entire net flick show yes to see if there's anything worthy plane to wear the book i might be something worth play but the somebody sent as a gift of do in the interest in brescia so abu says he's not a jim right i mean you they're all of your governor of athletes i could do anything to do ask anyone could be president could say anything bad about this guy but he could have played me nba variety could a hero gulf gulpur he could have been a a pitcher for a major league baseball team right i guess the only thing that he could happen and i don't know if it was a campaign promise he was supposed to lower the seas did he how did that happen though i mean we went from that where we couldn't say anything bad to now we have the guy who we we could say stuff bad about but not really doesn't have i don't get it well we're at a place where uh the media is so left wing and so bias that you can't trust anything they say and they will always champion their hero obama and excoriate the guy the heat so much in office donald trump in no matter what trump does is going to be wrong but for sure even when he's pushing their policies like the daca thing even then when he's kind of on the same page with an they're shooting themselves in the foot a hate him so much blew it you can get the dream act did you could put it into law if you would stop the hate of the day and the but they won't vote will see the hate overcomes their agenda which is fascinating first lady triple eight nine hundred thirty three 93 more pet grand lease coming up.

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