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Aftermath of the Gilroy garlic festival shooting in late July KCBS reporter Margie Shafer spoke with some of those residents about their paths to healing sound and images following the shooting were captured on cellphone video. medics Garriott told C. map TV she been volunteering at the Gilroy rotary hundred pop wind tent with her sister and her the pop pop pop it felt surreal it felt like everything was happening in slow motion and then the fear of my nieces somewhere out there my sister was panicked they told us they get under the tables meanwhile merry Helen who lives a mile from the festival tell C. map she learned about the shooting after receiving a text message from a friend in New York on one hand I be watching the news and on the other ear I'd be hearing the sirens the helicopters honestly whether you were there or not our bodies respond to trauma in the same way whether we were there or whether we just heard someone telling the story lets the Santos is senior director of community solutions a behavioral health organization in Gilroy our bodies go into that flight fight response even when we're really we're hearing the story so that's not to undermine that certainly being there the victims who died or who were shot themselves certainly have a different experience than for instance your I. who heard about live here but all of us can expect to go through some sort of trauma response continue Robbie Felice had been cooking calamari and gourmet alley it was just very hard to sleep because you can't help but wonder the what ifs what if I didn't leave the festival ten minutes early before the shooting happened we can't change what happened and certainly we need to value the feelings that were feeling and try not to plan too far in the future I was very quiet but the anger inside of me and made me want to like really punch a wall just be so sad that it happened how could it happen in our little community I mean..

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