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Is a gritty no yorkshire market town if anyone has ever been you'll you'll know and love a it's a phenomenal place full of characters i think that the city was built on the wool industry population one hundred sixty two thousand four collins colorado sized and the glory the story is their manager david wagner germanamerican born their minds your son of an american serviceman father and german mother one eight caps for the us in the lets you said the dark days of steve sampson so technically we have another american in the top flight for bullying education made no mistakes was from his time in germany growing up there playing in the bundesliga learning to manage alongside jurgen corp at dortmund is holdups bringing was incredibly teutonic as with the five germans in to revitalize our team when he inherited them in two thousand fifteen there in the relegation zone and then this dizzying run which has been really propelled by obsessive attention to detail depressing hardcharging highways were rate transitional football which demands from his team called it terry has football and he says we're not the biggest dog we are small but we are aggressive we are not afraid we'd like to compete with the big dogs were quick mubara we have endurance we never give up the small dog has fighting spirit for sure partly because of this i think john green tweeted at the final whistle and look forward to watching liverpool find a way to lose at huddersfield next season.

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