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To visit eastern Michigan distributors dot com for more information and directions here's the thing about new cherry vanilla coke though cherries named first all the flavors tastes just as great I mean it could have just as easily been vanilla cherry coke or it could have been coke cherry vanilla and since it's too amazing flavors of coke it might have been cold vanilla cherry coke or cherry vanilla coke coke unless you're in France which would make it a cocktail of an island and a Chevy Democrat New Jersey to look so good together and your cherry vanilla coke zero sugar same great taste zero sugar instruction in the area of M. thirty nine Southfield freeway southbound side between Ford road and Michigan Avenue I acted six stop and go traffic a six minute delay their one minute delay stop and go traffic at Woodward Avenue between Adams Avenue and I. seventy five the Fisher freeway you do a Nick junior back going out of the five theater I seventy five closed both north and southbound roommate mile all the way up to swear like a construction and that concludes on Monday at five AM I'm Jimmy the W. J. R. traffic and weather for after a cold start this week it'll feel a lot better on Sunday partly cloudy from this morning to the afternoon with a high of forty four overnight clear the low thirty two they're beautiful Sunday with sunshine and high climbing to fifty eight from the weather channel meteorologist Jeff mark our new stock seven sixteen WJAR here for you today and every day the city is the inside outside guys on WJR euro chock and cans on the back everybody eight eight eight six five four four eight nine seven coming up the top of the hour we're gonna have marked the mayor's here from rhino shield on talking about their fantastic elastomeric coating do not call it eight in the meantime let's talk to don in Rochester Michigan I'm yet don register Michigan hi don you're on with the guys say greeting yeah Hey thanks guys great show and enjoyed it thank you Sir house like you have a rolodex that I can tap into and get lucky okay so I'm I've got solar panels that heat my pool and in the past I've been able to find a retailer to sell me just the panels and I do it myself okay fixes repairs and the last mechanical company ahead they know.

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