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It's free talk. Live the number where you can join us on the radio waves two two three eight zero thirty six ninety nine. That's two zero. Two three eight zero three six nine nine in the studio. It's ian because mountainair now some guy air drumming at is captain kick ass in. Of course you can take control of the airwaves. You don't have to talk about the police tasing and hog-tying teenagers for vaping in ocean city. Because well you know. They're just trying to help them. Stay healthy by teasing them. Cool if like you're vaporizer which is what is you know. Vape stands for hazards shorten. What are we call. Your vapor could just vaporize them mean how are we supposed to maintain our health. If we don't have people beating us up for things that they think are a threat and taking them hog-tying us. Yeah and apparently there's more video from this. We watched one of them. Where young man who's standing with his hands up surrounded by five cops. He's not doing anything threatening at all and they the cops taes him and then later hog time away apparently in the same incident additional videos show a group of officers piling on top of another teenager while cop knees him repeatedly in the side as three other teens in the incident were also arrested You know that sounds like that. Sounds like gang behavior. Sure does but look for their own good and we have a necessary evil here captain. So we need this. You're not looking at the big picture k. Robert i mean sure. It was bad for his health to you. Know beat him. Taes him hog tiresome but think of all the other people that watched this and go. I m never letting them catch me vape again. it was. it was good for the society. Exact held society out in some unknown way shape or form. That's totally immeasurable. I didn't we learn back in the twentieth century that electroshock therapy is a good positive thing for humanity. I mean that is a way to change how people behave. This is how you establish respect for the law by having arbitrary nonsensical laws that you brutally enforce on children. Let's go to your and thoughts here. We have on the line with us. Angela is arizona. angela. You're on free. Talk live angela. arizona. Angela going once angela. Going twice all right. I'll put her back on hold. How about david in new mexico. David you're on free. Talk live yeah. Some crimes being committed by government officials just convicted. But the first of all you're listening to you on k. e. n. n. to new mexico on k. I n. on saturday nights. And that's right. Yeah k. i n. is in alamogordo new mexico. And sadly you're not on saturdays anymore like you were on kay ivey. A at era gun is talking about wine and said for some reason but anyway the In in in in. Why do i have. I bothered to call you. I'm not. I'm not criticizing you guys. Why why do i call you for the last ten years annoying people because the state of new mexico illegally trafficked my children judge 'em monica zamora did that. I proved that with unanimous decision from the new mexico. Court of appeals. Saying exactly that. And that's why bother. I spend my time calling now. The same new mexico government traffic. My children are legally. That i've proved. Oh and tomorrow's father's day isn't it. Oh wow okay. Thanks to their man. I i said goodbye to my kids. One day fourteen years ago. Not knowing i'd never see them again. And i've never seen him again and it's father's day again all right. So that's why. I call now convicted a couple of days ago within the last couple of days. Another state of new mexico government official a former government official domestic which who was convicted of two felony counts of embezzlement From a business that she was supplying services to while she was the tax in rev cabinet secretary. Now that's in addition to the Children youth and families. He i f d the the cps here new mexico that I told you before that this is still ongoing and is still under investigation by attorney. General hector balderas. Now hector balderas said that this is a paraphrase quote in regard to the felony convictions. Of domestic padilla That they that we will hold people accountable. No matter who they are what position they're in and yet hector. Balderas is silent on the youth and families Situation where they were caught by whistle blowers destroying public records and destroying evidence. Now there is a whistle blower protection act That they've that Blaylock the cabinet secretary violated when he fired the whistleblowers an inspection of public records. Act that blalock cabinet secretary violated when he destroyed public records. There is the fifth amendment due process protections which for tex evidence under due process which blaylock destroyed when he destroyed you recommend it just keeps going on and on when it for option. It's a good thing that the laws equally applied to everyone and since since the court of appeals found that they were illegally trafficked. It's a good thing that that judges in jail now. Except not. And i'm sure he got his kids back now. He didn't thank you david. Good luck sorry. About the way his his situation is horrible. And it's not uncommon and no it is not uncommon. And it's you know you see so much of this. Corruption go on constantly one government agent getting busted and then another governor and of course these these are just the tip of the iceberg. You know a lot of these. People are completely protected from any kind of prosecution. If they're high up enough then the agencies that are doing the busting of these other people are going to do protecting of these other. You know the the higher ups and there's just no way that anything's ever going to change. It doesn't matter who you elect. It doesn't matter if you sweep out all the bad guys and put in a new group as long as it's people in positions of power. You're going to find that people are corrupted. When i noticed. David said that i think it was the the judge or somebody the politician maybe said that they were going to treat everybody. You know the same way and they would you know figure out you know. I've got a bridge and then of course didn't do the exact thing that they said that they would do. So and this is totally common and people just like. I don't know what it is man. They're they're memory span their ability to recall things like two weeks later goes away and everybody just put up with it for no reason. There's no reason for. Don't think people think they can do anything about it. I mean even if they do understand how corrupt things seem to be or actually are they feel like you can't fight city hall. You've heard that before right. Yeah well let's de-fund city hall. Well that's a great plan. who's going i. I use crypto all the time. Well that's cool but they're going to demand You know property tax payments. And then if you don't pay they're gonna come take your house from you. Whether you're using crypto or not is a non factor in that whole situation. Most people aren't willing to lose their home. I think that everybody out there. That feels the same way that we do here on. Free talk live about most of this stuff should gather together with other people who feel the same way. Joined the rebel alliance if you will because guess what we're it i mean like. We're the closest thing to that analogy. That exists currently and so moved to new hampshire. Joined the rest of us and see if we can do something about it. Because i don't see any other way. Don't either i wanna see some other way and let me know. Well like i said crypto because i mean state and local governments are absolutely at this point dependent on the dole that they get from the federal government. Now if you remove the federal government's ability to print money.

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