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Casey foundation. From intelligence squared US. I'm John Don van before this particular debate. I sat on stage with Gideon rose editor of foreign affairs. Our partner for this debate on the global financial system and getting an I chatted about this relationship between us and his magazine. Well, we love intelligence squared, and we couldn't think of a better partnership because essentially the best way to think foreign affairs is as the home version of intelligence squared. It's something you can play by yourself or with friends and family. It's easy. You basically take a policy question that you care about right down your answer, read, your copy of foreign affairs. And then check your answer and vote again, that's how you play at home. What we offer an FA is essentially, very smart serious people honestly, trying to provide constructive answers to important and interesting practical questions and have the kind of debate that should be had. In a democracy over important public issues. That's what you do as well. Well, does that suggest that one wants to read foreign affairs with a willingness to change one's mind? All of our authors are smarter than the editorial staff, and they take very different positions on all the major issues. And so it's a constant education for us. And we hope it is for our readers as well. Our job is to translate the smart people in our pages to translate their words, and ideas into ones that everybody can understand it until just a moment on tonight's resolution. We're looking back ten years. Normally we look at the present. We are actually looking at the future. But we're using the ten year old benchmark as our metric in a sense. But why does that topic interest you in particular, well because these days, obviously, not just our domestic and international events related, but security and economics fears are related and a global financial crisis and the turbulence that we saw a decade ago has been an extraordinarily significant factor in weakening, the Liberal International order affecting world politics in various ways, hurting. Lots of people and the question of whether we have responded, successfully, whether we have made the system better is something we've been covering in the pages of foreign affairs. We're delighted to be partners in a debate by really serious people trying to assess whether the measures that have been taken have been enough or.

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