Vic Damone, Aretha Franklin Clyde Otis, Frank Loesser discussed on The Sunday Show


So. that's a little brain teaser. they're all kinds of potential answers to the question who the heck was that. channel the ladies in love with you. then stir all the in fact the man who brought us cast your fate to the wind and all that peanuts music the Linus and Lucy theme he could jam as a bunch of other jazz greats did on. the songs of Frank Loesser the ladies in love with you. Aretha Franklin Clyde Otis before that. having fun with mocking bird a fifty cent for Charlie and in as fox. Vic Damone now and music from beyond the moon. because we haven't been in awhile. absence makes the heart grow fonder and there is a beautiful full one. it's been hanging in the sky over this past week Damone W. NYC. then this. and my heart was. but the moon was old. Carly and her Carole I King was chords listening. and.

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