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That's too left brained for me. I'm a right rain. Loosey goosey creative type so but But if i could If i could just talk about one more book I'd appreciate it very much and i said when i said things fall in my lap I got a message from a high school friend When i was growing up south high school in greater it's michigan. There was a big bomber on the wall. And and you know. None of us paid any attention to it B seventeen bomber and it turns out that the students in nineteen forty three took part in the via bomber program and in eight weeks time raised over three hundred and seventy five thousand dollars selling war bonds and war stamps and they bought a world war two bomber. They were able to name it. They named it the spirit of south high and They had a big -cation ceremony. It was flown into grand rapids michigan and then flew off and they never knew what happened to it and In twenty fifteen one of my high school friends who is a veteran called me and he said how close do you live to meadows of dan. Virginia and i said. I don't know i don't know where it is because i live in north carolina and i looked on a map and i'm less than three hours away and he said well i found the bomber that everyone's been looking for for seven years and it crashed metals of dan. And that was you know it was so close to me. I had to investigate it. And then this story got really crazy because this tiny town of meltzer dan virginia. The historical society had no record of this crash and Not only that. It crashed on the blue ridge parkway near the most photographs slot on the blue ridge parkway. Maybe it's circled the mill twice and came down behind it now. What are the chances of all these weird things happened until I had to go on the radio and a right to the local newspapers and say..

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