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Photos from a contractor working in the building two days prior to the collapse. It appears to show standing water, cracked concrete and corroded rebar in the parking garage below the building some of the same issues that were brought up in that 2018 inspection report that warned of major structural damage. Third class action lawsuit claims the building's owners were reckless and neck. A spokesperson for the Champ Lane South Condo association tells Fox is the board retained entrusted experts in at no time where they told of imminent threat of danger or collapse. So far 12 have been confirmed dead. 149 remained missing President Biden and the first lady plan to visit the site of the collapse tomorrow, House Democrats will set up a special panel to investigate the January six capital riot. Top Democrats say the House Select Committee to investigate the January 6th capital attack is not the preferred option but is now necessary to get at the truth of that day. Kevin McCarthy refused to take Yes, for an answer, And now he's got a select committee. House Democratic Caucus chairman Hakeem Jeffries points the Republican leaders opposition for blocking an independent commission. Instead, The House panel expected the past with few Republican votes will be made up of 13 lawmakers, eight selected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And five appointed with the consultation of House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy. First lady Jill Biden is calling for more Texans to get vaccinated against covid as health officials report new, more contagious variants Mrs. Biden visited a pop up Covid vaccine clinic yesterday to Dallas High School with Cowboys Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith. Mrs. Biden then flew to a to Houston to visit a vaccine side at Minute Maid Park, where she was joined by VP Kamala Harris husband, Second gentleman, Doug Emhoff. The Biden administration had set a goal of having 70% of Americans vaccinated by the fourth of July, but recently said they expect to fall short of that goal by about 4%. And although the rest of the country did not accomplish that goal, the city of San Antonio did Where second only to Austin among the big cities in Texas. As far as the proportion we've got vaccinated, Dr June Daewoo with Metrohealth So 72.6% of San Antonians have received at least one shot and that 57.7% are fully vaccinated. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas was in San Antonio yesterday, and he praised the city's campaign to get people vaccinated. Calling it a model for success. Governor Abbott is allocating almost $100 million in federal covid funds to higher education in the state. The money from the cares Act will be distributed by the Higher Education Coordinating Board to assist the recovery from the pandemic. The funds will go towards expanding programs and fields, experiencing labor shortages and efforts to increase student enrollment. Will demand for pet supply delivery continues to surge. Steve Podliska Bloomberg has it's in focus report, the pandemic has had a major effect on how we shop with online retail exploding. It also has had a lot of people adopting pets, with more than four out of 10 Americans making the move in the past year and, according to the American Pet Products Association, sales for pet related items exceeded $100 billion last year. For the first time, put it all together and pet supply delivery is big. No one tells you what to Expect when you're expecting a new pet. Oh, it's been paying off for chewy, and now it has door dash, moving beyond restaurant delivery on demand delivery from 1500 PetSmart stores to door dash customers. Christopher Payne, president of Doordash, he says, same day delivery for pets is a big deal. The typical PetSmart has 11,000 items. Pet food, You know, sometimes you run out of food and you need the food immediately. Toys treats right now. Amazon is the leader in pet related e commerce, followed by Chu. WalMart, PetSmart and Petco. I'm Steve POTUS..

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