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Scott Sam's this is the K. R. L. the morning news thank you for being with us this morning to tell a hoax president trump plaza Senate impeachment trial and calls the Democrats lead prosecutor Adam Schiff corrupt disgrace they talked about their tremendous case and is sold under tremendous case they had no case it's all a hoax it's a con job like shift he's a corrupt politician now I'll leave that to the seven percent is going to have to answer that president trump speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland minutes ago insisting there was nothing improper about that phone call where he seemed to be pressure on Ukraine's president to dig up dirt on Joe Biden's nothing here I had a very innocent conversation with a very fine gentleman from the Ukraine and it was based on that people don't even want to talk about the conversation I got to watch two inches in between all of these meetings and I just told you about I got to watch glimpses of what is taking place wasting time in Washington his trial resumes later today CBS news special report I'm Vicky Barker during arguments yesterday they went to a two o'clock in the morning Washington time last night and eventually things got so testing so personal that that both sides had to be admonished by Chief Justice John Roberts and as the arguments continued into the night if you senators were observed skirting one of the rules imposed by Mitch McConnell according to the rules of decorum for the Senate impeachment trial of president trump the senator jurors can't use phones or electronic devices in the chamber but at least eight senators are apparently cheating by wearing apple watches apple watches are able to duplicate the functions of a smartphone in many respects including email text messages notifications and even phone calls so far no one has called out the offenders the supreme court's ban on electronics does not allow apple watches inside the courtroom Jim Chevy CBS news we'll have updates for you all day long here on KRLD including special reports and breaking developments when they happen a woman has been killed in a house fire in east fort worth the fort worth fire department got a call about the fire on Hudson street near the I thirty beach street interchange around four thirty this morning that apartments Kyle clay says the fire started in the front of the house and dropped a woman in her bedroom near the back are they hard in the fall far from the park out of the house they did not that's always make you cry we wanna make sure that our body at the parking folklore that's very important he says the department has not identified the victim the fire department is still looking for the cause no one else was hurt and no other homes were damaged a toughie here for a flu cases in Dallas County health officials say has a higher flew rate than the rest of the country Dr Philip Wong as director of the county health to does this flu season started much earlier than in years past locally we still have about almost twenty six percent of test returning positive during the week ending January eleventh the CDC's tape released a health advisory noting the elevated flu activity he says the best defense against the flu virus is still a flu shot hoping to get a fresh start with the community it serves the fort worth police department is hosting public forums aimed at building trust among those attending last night's forum was community activist Melvin leave who came to listen I know what it's like you know especially being African American.

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