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Sohn plastic gloves but in the beginning. It's just like a toy. And before that we do a lot of developing motivation for the war or To give the recent tackiest era that so The first thing we do office but also older dogs is to to make them crazy about the toilet. But even if they are crazy about the toy we always stocked with food. Okay when we do the moving there we do with food. I because that's one thing that we we also tried to to tell people about the even if you know a News straight wards. They have had the exact same effect strong punishments. They go the shock effect on an they never learned. It's like you have to start over again. So problem with stress in my from my point Look dogs stress in training is not that they are using to strong rewards but that they are using it to early in the train. Trust who want the dog to be to understand and be aware of what they are doing. Then it's easier to keep it on the no stress level with food. And then when they know what they are doing done. It's not the problem to use stuff call or whatever even if they are co totally crazy about it because they cannot be to multilated device just based on what you're talking about. What is your selection criteria for a successful dog? That's something that I asked myself everyday attaches changing. I've spoke looking for the perfect dog but what I'm looking for is to try the best. I can to find the Way of training each dog. But I think and I actually think more and more every Lead TRAIN THAT. It's up to you you know you. Can you have had dogs that I didn't think much of and they ended up being really good and sound dogs that I thought would supposed to be really good? They didn't end up that good and at the same time I see the the more dogs. I train the more dogs. I think it goes quicker and better and we'll shout very few dogs now and I think that doesn't mean that we have found better dogs but we have been better on training. I hope at least so I'm tired of people talking about you. Know the dog's personality on trying to find excuses all the time. Because if you have a dog gun done you cannot do anything about the personality or mentality or whatever but the only thing that you can actually do something about is your training and I think it's better to see the challenge to know. At least that's something that I got. I guess from my mind background that you you get the dog you get them then you try to the best you can and sometimes it doesn't get very good but at least you learn something during the way so i. I really don't like that. You know when I see people try to find bad things with their dogs to give them an excuse to change dog. I really don't like that. That's one of my problems with aptitude tests that I think it's a it's a problem. Don't I don't like when you are looking for? Add things in dog's personality or mentality goes I see too many dog hunters talking about those things for the rest of the dogs lives so I think the best test is to find things that don't look for qualities in than I. I prefer that than I think it's also in a-. In another way you can see. Sometimes that people are disappointed by the result of tests for example in done that disappoint in follows through the training and they look kind of you know frustrated as soon as they get their dog cider or the car and started training. They're looking constantly disappointed so I performed tapping it. The best test I think is to the selection is to start the draining and see if you getting somewhere always aimed for being better and better so I have really. I was if you ask me ten years ago. I would probably say that this is what I'm looking for this perfect dog but now we get so many dogs that I have to to change that the view because attests of a dog is not interesting until your testing together with the person who is training it goes to the dynamic that will actually the important thing even if you have the best objective good Dobie but still you handle their are trainer and maybe his you to one type of doggone. It doesn't matter if you have the best in the world. Yeah so And that's one thing that recent studies actually showed on. That was a Swedish study. I read about from them. Whether we're looking more into personal tests that tests that were done without the handler or owner. We're not very interesting because that's not the situation where someone ever would see. Because what is interesting is to see how the door reacts together with the person who is. He's actually living with and it's the same with training to just look at the dog in an aptitude tests doesn't tell me anything actually. Yeah sort of absorbed in a vacuum Ryan. That's not not realistic at no and I think it's the effects of the consequences so that is a problem. Also because that makes you think that you cannot change anything. This is the dog and I think a better way of doing this. That you have people were there are some. I like Long Way friends in Canada. I think you know I'm to mark lapointe Makia and I've been working with them in the up and they're good except they are other similar acceptance. But I think there are good in the way they are doing that. They have some Experienced trainers some instructors and also they are the one selecting the dogs and they are the wants to do the basic training before the dog. Hunter Start Their course sexual also long course so they show care that they think that training education is important but when you have selected the dogs and you have also train them you have first of all. You won't to succeed because you have spent a Lotta time. You have done this election and when you have also done the basic training you know the dog you know a lot of the dog much more than you would know if you're just testing for forty minutes or one hour whatever you should train the dog and then you hand over to to handle you can give him advice about based on what you know about the dog and you see that insistence like that. They will shout very few domes. Compared to when you have a standardized test for one hour three reuss never met this dog but know everything about him our. I don't like that because then you are looking for. He has some trouble in that the situation in that environment anew that's what the handler will remember also late drunk. I prefer to set up a standardized training program. You can do that in. I rarely have a dog. More than two weeks for selection Standardized Training Program. And then you can compare the dogs. Yes they're doing emceeing Because some sometimes you see New Orleans gives a really really good do really good test on another one didn't impress you but then if you put them in training see maybe the the dog. That didn't impress. You had this progression on the other one Arrests at all so I think the best way of selecting dogs is to see how they receive the training. And then you start to see when training Dogs WE DO. You see some things that you didn't expect for example. We do a lot of chain pulling without dogs. Okay pooling change for you know when when we are out walking you get the conditioning. You get the also Training during a walk but then we also combining knows contracting all that so to make them the especially in is they are supposed to work in Holt. Warm countries also had to prepare in that way and to make them used to Kentucky Malone. They are physically tired than what I have seen. There is that dog's stomach show because in the beginning you put the A lot of ways but some weight on you can see that they are some very disturbed by by that the some dogs. They don't care and I have seen. That attitude is something that we can also see in the training drum especially Distracting but when things get tough on it gets you know they need to concentrate and focus on than they can put in that extra year we can see thrown their own journey. Walks that they it's difficult to measure but it's something that. I think guys see in the dogs that you didn't expect you could see see some qualities in that situation and also if you compare you need to know a lot about the background the training training history when you select the dog also so that's why we really prefer to train them from practice because if they have been treated like bizarre not trained at all and then you get the one many people want them when they are one half year or two year old would have to start training and they can they have the ability to focus for two seconds and then they are completely tired just by being trained so then I know that. Okay this one. I have to treat like a poppy for probably six months to make anything good out of this one and then it doesn't matter how much he barks or by tug o war whatever in the tests situation because the most important qualities how we can handle training. How can handle hard training and focus in how we react? When he gets tired he have that extra year. And that is from our point to you. Something you create from by asking them to actually asking the Teach nominated always pays off to be focused unto. Always try to to do the best you can. Yes that's in your dragging the Chinese. The perseverance that you build saying that so you get a dog. That's really not into it and says the China and the back door and doesn't want to pull it and if you motivate and encourage him through and build some perseverance they do say that carryover into the scent work where he then gets a little bit from that boy accident almost. Oh there's now I had some some seat in tracking or have something our have Molina while it's been having him for a long time and they said very talented tracking dog but the problem with him is that he sometimes. He looks like he just want to see that he'll do some some attitude on intensity on hideous looking for excuses to do other things Talent is really good but he doesn't have the he's lacy AK- seat in the He always looks like a fucker to do this again. Harmonies and monster and his strong everything. And then you have a little. You know now female Cocker Spaniel. And whatever and they can be not all of them but few examples that they are acting the exact same different opposite way so they just try as much as they can. That's exactly the thing you want to see. Also in parts of distracting for example. So that's why I think AC- The connection and I don't know actually if you at our guests you can get some but it's difficult to say if it's the physical condition that has improved on that Mason. It better but I cannot immediately see when I put the chains chains on the harness on your consent They have never done it before the first attitude that they just go them. That's for me now. Is that Jack? This is good to have that. I know this will be fun. This will be a fun doctrine. That's an interesting test that I've never heard of anybody. Put those two links together a lot of people that do drag working sent work. But I've never heard anybody put those together on. I know I know some people that are going to be very happy to see that. GonNa feel great. The term great great. Yeah Yeah Toughness I. I think that's actually what we That they are tired out but they are just doing not all people have it but at the dogs that we are training should be the same type of personality or because they are doing some things that takes you somebody who knows my name is Ryan willingness to continue despite knowing. You can't win exactly and then I think that that's what we we need to look for. Dogs it has nothing to do with techniques or or whatever it something else on the closest I've been to see that is is through the chains and you see when you start to add some extra weight that it's too much but they just they do with with some kind of also not only won't care how to do this but they don't give it back in just look. This dog is will probably show the same in the other trainer Tobias. You've talked a lot about the successes and and working with the dog throughout and improving your own training to try and create a better dog holistically so using that term holistically. When do you consider enough is enough? There's no point in continuing with this any further as think that when we have a puppy thing that we have actually succeeded with all of them agree The recent years if you have done some if you have some knowledge about the because if you have a poppy you know. Probably something about being lines. And all that so then you have already done some kind of selection. When you have done that you should be able to do something about it when they are older dogs. We have some examples that they have been put into a type of training that is the complete opposite to what we would do and then I tried to do that within two weeks to see if the improve in a way that I think is okay so winning two weeks but what we are doing. There is draining draining everyday at two or three sessions every day to see if they have what we need unsound dogs they could use. The best type will reward. You can use snow anything and they have the ability in technique. But they don't they don't think it's worth it when you go to for example smaller amount of sense when you do we see the same. I think at least I see the same.

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