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No, what are the chances that anyone in the listening audience thought? Oh, that's Sergio Leoni from talion spaghetti western soundtrack, right or. Yeah. LB Albion's audio in g minor a fine classical piece that I think all deep dish listeners are familiar with. I'll I'll be Nonni Albany. I'll be damned Dhabi dog on which is another my I shouldn't known that man. My classical music knowledge has has decreased tremendously let's really blow their minds who did it that was the doors. No that was not that that was Robby Krieger, and and Raymond's Eric performing a discarded track for the the post Jim Morrison collection of poetry. Yeah. I'd never heard that. And I thank you for sharing. It. It's not that. I've never listened to I'll be Nonni Albany, and it I certainly listened to plenty of doors. Sure. But the thing is that again, I've said this before the exposure of people who never listened to a type of music to that kind of music by a pop group can't be underestimated. And it makes perfect sense. You know for the doors because they expose people to Brechin vile show me the way to the next whiskey bar. And it's a great version. You know, I mean, I've I've listened to the, you know, original soundtracks lot, Elaine. Yeah. And all those guys I love Jim Morrison's version of that song. So then hopefully, the listener goes, wow, you know, Berthold brick Kurt vile who are these guy. I don't know. Anything about these guys, you know, Threepenny opera. Wow. You know, there's an intensity to that that I can really relate to even though they were writing forty fifty years ago. And that's the thing about what I wanted to put together. It's just you know, listen to the skill listen to the musicianship of of these guys out of their element. You know? That's why played whiter shade of pale the way that I did. That's why this because you know, these these guys get a bad rap. I have heard other musicians that that I respect members of the birds who have said, I don't care for the doors because those guys can't swing and swing. That's that's jazz term you should never use as a rock group, especially or a or a blues rock group. But for. For as jazzy as they were for. I as tuned in as those three guys were musically to each other, the musicians in the, you know. Chops man, of course, they had shops. And you know, only Lionel Hampton or somebody like a man those guys they don't just they just don't swing break. I mean Jesus Christ. When did when did the birds ever investigate, you know, Berthold Brecht or classical music, you know, they they get big thumbs up for, you know, eight miles high. It's a classic of psychedelic music. But you know, that's that is unacceptable. Unacceptable to me. And I'm so glad that you shared AVI known as adagio by these guys and murdered the murder the title. But no, no, it's it's one of them. Like, I said, Tim, I never heard it before. And that's the other thing is spaghetti western thing. But also, let's not forget the doors Spanish caravan. Robby. Krieger does some amazing will make oh style guitar somewhere in here. I have a copy of Morrison hotel signed by Robbie how great is that? He was he couldn't have been nicer. But, but then you know, would that song? Yeah. Okay. Wow. You know, guitar Flamenco style picking. But then it goes into outer space, and there's processing so it's wonderful melding. Whereas this is this is not straight ahead classical. It's it's the glitz Sandoz on guitar saying, okay? There's something for you once little electrified. But we're also going to honor the original composer. I love it. I do too. Now. You've heard an American prayer, right? The post after Jim died guys got together and found tapes of gym reading his poetry and put music behind it..

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