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Aren't black and white. Think red. Here we go to rob wood fork. All right, Thursday Night Football in Cincinnati. We are about midway through the second quarter with the Bengals in front of the undefeated Miami Dolphins 7 to 6 and Joe burrow. Throwing for 70 yards, 6 of 11 passing in his meeting with to a tongue of Iowa. You may recall at a pretty epic game against each other in college. To us so far, a 110 passing yards, but does have an interception to von bell in this first half. The Washington commanders looking likely to go into Dallas without Wes Schweitzer after he remained sidelined in practice by a concussion, Charles Leno limited in today's practice, so it's not looking good as they walk into that cowboys pass rush and Dave Johnson said in this week's D.C. sports auto, the 9 sacks Washington gave up against Philly. Last week, it equals the amount the 1991 Super Bowl team gave up that whole season. And that was with Mark rippon, holy moved about four steps in the pocket, and that was it. And yet he was only sacked 9 times. So I think it just defines it as much as we talk about all kinds of schemes and plans in this and that. If you don't have that elite playmaking quarterback, then you better have an offensive line or you're going nowhere. Or in all black uniform. How do you feel about the black uniforms, Michelle? I like it. Yeah, I do. I think they look clean It's just the helmet, man. I don't like the numbers on the side of the mountain. But I do. Put the W there. And then you just have the random W in the middle. We talked about it in the D.C. sports auto on WTO B dot com or wherever you get your podcasts, the nationals off today, they'll actually pull double duty tomorrow as they try to duck the storm, the remnants of hurricane Ian expected to hit our area this weekend. So the Saturday night game against the Phillies has actually been moved up to 1 p.m. tomorrow. Rob Woodford WTO sports

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