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Hello. And welcome to legged to Fifty-nine episode journey where we explore Greg repeater, Cody as always all g Lewis Gail, and I'm joined by my cohort. If producers Christopher w Cody. Have to middle name. You'd wait. What Christopher the first of you, Cody if you follow that the do see Christopher than dot then what the see the w standpoint, they'll be code. No, no, okay. Early has one middle name. And he's embarrassed by it. That's why using the initial. Okay. Let's start this again that way the names work. See WCW, Cody. WB at television, here, really Bruin. Skier Lewis Gilbert choice, a G Luis Gil. So the c would represent Christopher then you'd have to do the two middle names in the Cody but start this again was awesome to be angry with the same time. They called me seat up. We're really going to find out today if our. What what are your two middle names? My name is e Wilford, Cody. The do right, right? Epi Bill names, the Wilfred? What was your second middle name? The you'll blame winter that was covering for making steak. Am Ryan Ruis your middle. Name wilfred. That was my dad's name still is. But he not around us. Amaury bellamy. I guess our Anthony belly. You are Bellamy Dickey. I knew you were Bellamy. That's right. I thought were gonna have to practicing our names. Sorry, these things never cease to amaze me. Hello, greg. I how are you The actor actor was well? well or no. The whisper full-throated. No, I am not a whisper leave or not why. Why? I have never been comfortable with whispering a bad whisper. I shout. Well, but you enjoy wis whistling I do enjoy was Ling. They're totally different endeavors unrelated. But totally interesting data in whistling soft is also very difficult. So the the whisper version of whistling is something I'm not comfortable with can you whistle right now awfully..

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