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Here for it. They're going to be sitting behind 2026 golden ball and ball and door winner Jack mcglynn for quite a while. But good luck. Is that type of player? He is talking about. Shout out queens. Let's finish with one thing, rich Kaufman would love for all of you to finish and you all have to finish on one thing. You care about or want to see for the U.S. M and T from now heading into 2026. I'll use my chair. I'll use that conversation as a transition to this. That I would love to see us have an elite facilitator come through, right? Somebody who can really control a game through their comfort and tight spaces, they're reading of the rhythm of the game of the tempo, right? Frankie de young variety is that player. I had this little pedri is up. There's all these types of players that for everything we produce. We still don't have that. It was probably Darlington nagbe over the last generation. But I would love to see that type of player come through. Okay. Doyle, wavy. You're shaking your head. You can thrash it. I don't know if I'm wrong. I'm wrong. No, I agree with that. I just can't believe you think Frankie is young. Is that type of players? Saying to me. By 2026, before 2026, units move will be so clear a Franco de young. It's ridiculous. I want to see an elite center back. I want to see someone who can play like Tim ream in possession with the ball. But is not a liability in the air. Tim Marin was great. This tournament. I think you could argue a little bit with his body shape on the second goal. But he was, he was superb, but against the best against the best teams in the world, he takes a lot off the table in terms of what you can do defensively. So my hope and I honestly think that over the past ten years, center back has become the hardest position in the game. It's no longer deem it. So I want to see whether it's Chris Richards or miles Robinson finds another level or man, I don't even know who else, like Brennan Craig or crane is the kid from the galaxy. My ex Notre-Dame alum, who we don't know about yet. Right, exactly. I want to see I want to see us develop that. That's the big thing. Yeah, I took myself off mute. 'cause I think we got a training session going on above my head right now. I hope they're planning to feed. I'm going to keep it sort of macro and big picture in terms of the trend that we see already in Major League Soccer because that's what we can control. We can't control how other soccer cultures, leagues, clubs, coaches, perceive us.

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