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B. C. All right. Steve introduced the sand, please. Ladies and gentlemen, Miss and trip. Well, thank you very much. And welcome back Steve. This is answered with the news. Nationally, the death toll from hurricane Tropical Storm Ida stands at 68 so far in Louisiana. Many remain without power that maybe the situation for some time, especially in the southeastern part of the state. New Orleans Councilman J Banks says the situation is awful. There were rooms that the ceilings had caved in that Obviously, water had gotten into, uh there's one where clearly the lady. There's no way she could sleep because the ceiling tiles had fallen wet on the bed to bed with soaking wet. President Biden personally surveyed the damage left by Hurricane Ida in Louisiana last week. Today he visits New York City, especially the part of Queens borough of Queens, which was really very badly hit, and there are many deaths there, and also in New Jersey. As of yesterday, Labor Day, some nine million Americans lost their unemployment benefits Now Labor Day CBS poll shows that most Americans favor of height by the way in the minimum wage, the current federal Howley rages. Hourly wage is $7.25. And seven out of 10. Americans think that should be higher as you would expect support for a minimum wage hike is higher among those with lower incomes and politically 85% of Democrats think the minimum should be higher. 52% of Republicans agree with that 67% of people making more than $100,000 favor an increase while 74% of those making less than 50 grand. Feel the same way. Texas Governor Greg Abbott's approval rating is tanking Evidences. State moved to restrict access to voting an emotion abortions. The Portland Oregon City Council is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a proposal to ban doing any business with the state of Texas because of its recently passed anti abortion law. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler wants to ban any state employee business travel as well. Texas not only bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. But also allows the basically rewards any citizen to sue anybody who they receive or feel or perceive of has helped. The woman received an abortion finally said in shocking news. As you heard moments ago, actor Michael Kenneth Williams dead at age 54 officials are calling his passing the result of an overdose. They think of a fentanyl laced heroin. Williams, a brilliant actor best known for his parts in several movies in Boardwalk empire, who is a five time Emmy nominee. He was most recently nominated for his work in Lovecraft country, and he played Omar Little on the wire to shoot. Mike Mike and his and he was scary. Michael K. Williams found dead in his Brooklyn apartment. Now back to Steve Harvey. Morning show. You're listening to Steve Harvey morning show. Hey, it's Tommy sharing one of my go to snacks grapes from California I love knowing that grapes of fresh heart healthy and delicious snacks jam packed with naturally wholesome goodness, all colors red, green and black or natural source of antioxidants and other polyphenols which.

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