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Host mark schindler as always before we start today if you have not already please be sure to rate and review us over an apple podcasts. Always want to hear from you and get your feedback and of course check out our backlog of team previews as the year get started with. Still crazy to me I like big rainstorm today. So if you hear my husky howling background he's okay. It's raining outside and he's upset But i'm really like joined today by someone who i've meyer for. Long time from afar finally talk jazz with them. And that's sarah todd from the desert news. Sarah how are you doing today. I'm doing great. I'm really looking forward to your husky. Howling it he's a he's a regular guest on the show. It's it's a simple way of putting it. He's he's a great dog but like he won't make noise at all for like ninety percent of day like he's like he's a grunter like if you want something you'll tell and then the second that anything doesn't go his way though it's like you think that he's getting murdered. Oh my god. I really relate to everything that you're telling me. This dog like dog and point at things when i want them and then when things go wrong to start screaming so i really relate to that. We'll know that. I did something wrong with this pot. If you start screaming for my dog Well yeah. I mean obviously the utah jazz coming into this year. I am very excited for the coming out. Not just because they signed my favorite player of all time like rudy gays. I grew up on. Like when i was a kid i was watching rudy. Gay highlights instead of i. I grew up in cleveland. All my friends were like washing. Lebron highlights. I was the random kid who was like. Oh i'm not going likely what i'm gonna go watch playing in memphis like monja You know the seams coming off just about their best Regular season in franchise history..

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