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The postseason? Simple question. I say yes, we won't spend all morning on it. I got another thing the way I think it's going to get a little bit weird, But I also think that the generation just needs to age out in sports, just like it is in life. That coming up at 10:40 A.m. eastern. I hate I just cause I'm a football guy. I'm a weird bird. My favorite team in my city is the NBA team always has been, because it's not the biggest thing going and I've just always kind of felt like a kinship with them. Like all right. As I used to watch him and they were never good when I was a kid. My dad would walk through the living room and say I was wasting my time watching this team. I mean, really, like He's a baseball guy. Football guy doesn't like the MBA. Unlike college football, I love college football. I learned that my father and I get along very, very well. But he would openly come in. You're wasting your time. I didn't even get to go see them Play in person. We live 60 Miles away. I didn't get a chance to go See them Play in person till my freshman year of college. Freshman year of college. My favorite team in the city, but I'm a football guy and in football If Patrick Mahomes were to not make the playoffs some way somehow. It's not this grandiose loss that people just that the writers and the pundits of off the sport. Weep at its casket that Patrick Mahomes didn't make the playoffs. They do that with Steph Curry. I mean, there are strong feelings can't believe this is happening. Playoffs without Steph, How dare you do this to James Naysmith? You best words. They are really upset. But I also know in football the way the league's built That the type of Titan it is in America. Can't compare the MBA to the NFL anymore. I can't compare anything to the NFL anymore. I can use it as a reference, but I can't I I don't think I can do it anymore. Right? So this is where the NFL does. Well, this is where the MBA fails. This is where the MBA needs to be more like the NFL. Baseball hockey, NASCAR golf. Whatever needs to be more like the NFL. The NFL is a separate entity here. The NFL does their own thing, and I need to compare the NBA Major League baseball and I do this in Major League baseball. I comprised a few years ago. I've been on the network now. What? 34 years? A few years ago that the Angels were okay. They're usually a doormat. The Angels were okay. Mike Trout. You knew then was going to be one of the greatest players to ever play the game, and he may go down as the greatest player to ever play the game. I wanted to expand the playoffs, and the entire reasoning of it was Mike Trout is the best thing going. He's hurt now. But he's the best thing going at the time. Still probably one of the top three best things going and certainly the best and when he comes over all talent Mike Trout's the best thing going in this league. He doesn't like to give a lot of interviews. He doesn't like to talk to the media. He doesn't like to put himself out there. I forced him to put himself out there by putting in the postseason expand the postseason. I get to tell more stories. I get to romanticize him a little bit more well. Go out there and wax poetically game after game and inning after any about Mike truck, this family and everybody will love my trump, and it gives us a chance to build major superstars again. Major league baseball's kind of taking care of that on their own. Thanks to guys like Fernando Te teach junior and thank God for him. But I look at baseball hockey. The other one's the same way you need stars. And I want to disagree with this. I like the MBA. There's still things that about the product that I'm okay with I watched the MBA and without Steph Curry. I know that you're not 855 to 1 to four. CBS, David and Buffalo. You're next up on CBS Sports Ready. Hello, David. Hey, can't know what's up, man. Thanks for having me on Doc. Did you send me an email? Yeah, man. What's up? How you got it? I'll get to it. I had a wedding I had to do yesterday. I Yeah. No, I Yeah. I mean, I'm way behind. I'm way behind. Go ahead, David. No problem and good. Good to hear you back here on national airwaves A couple points and I wanna make first about Steph Curry. There's no doubt the NBA needs him. He's changed the game. When you think about it. Any kid can go out and shoot a three pointer. And that's where the game's going Now. Not everybody can dunk like Jordan or LeBron, but kick you go in his backyard or in this gym at school and shoot the three and he's changed the game and Was more more kids playing the game that way, so there's no doubt the NBA needs them. But I wanted to come in on the PGA Men. I know everybody wants Mickelson. I know he's kind of the darling and stuff. I've always stopped. Nicholson was a phony. He's great, he's it. On Boyle talent, but I've always thought I've always thought he's a phony. I'm not. I'm not a fan of hurt a lot of things do about him. That makes me say good God, the guys You talk about professional wrestling. The beginning. Nicholson kind of portrays a lot of that out there. Um, you know when he plays, but I'd love to see Capital win. I feel like Captain. I'll make a wrestling analogy, man. He's like the CM punk. Of professional golf. He's the voice of the voiceless. He's the guy that comes out there, and he does it his way he grinded to get on the story played. Many toured The stuff actually played a tour that I played on for a bit soft. Florida. Um he's a guy that Went over to Europe and played and I look at him today and that he can have a good, solid ground today. He's kind of got that a little bit of that Tiger vibe where he can intimidate guys. I feel like on a Sunday in a major I totally agree. I asked. I absolutely totally agreed. I I will tell you this, David and thank you for the call. I'm a Phil guy. But I like John Daly, too. I like I like a circus. I like a sideshow. Now Phil is a much is a better golfer in a better program than John Daly. But I think that we're going to romanticize a little bit of this. The third time I've used that word. I'll try not to use it for the rest of the show. We'll try to put him in that Tom Watson, British Open type feel Guy approaching 50 year over 50. And a great story and something that people want kept go on The other hand, kept this a guy that I could easily root for because I found out I was wrong because of Ruth Brooks kept. I didn't think that he had a great personality. Then I heard him on part of my take. Heard him on that barstool podcast and totally changed my opinion. No, no, That was my fault, Not his. This guy's got personality. We need more. Brooks kept to When he was open and honest about pros doing basically the same thing that we all do it our municipal golf courses. That's a guy can get behind 855 to 1 to four CBS and you're on hold. I'll get to you guys. Does the MBA need Steph Curry in the postseason? I think it's a slam dunk. Absolutely. They do and this is going to get a little bit weird. Sports is just like life sometimes. Generation just needs to die out. Ken Carlin, CBS Sports radio Right now, it's the latest sports update with Marco Belletti sports flag. I can. Well. John.

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