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J R. That's 808 590957. And I say it was 6:24 a.m. that makes a time for Joe gunman's top of mind topics. And today's top of mind subjects is the same as it was yesterday, because I think it's that important. I have people. By the dozens who send me emails every week day and every weekend. And some of these problems occur with their major appliances. Because of what we called a power surge. You may never know you had a power surge, but it effects all the electron IX in your home. It affects the motors that are on refrigerator, washing machine clothes, dryer and so forth. Power surge can hurt those major things in your home. And you may have a surge protector that you have sitting on the floor where you have cords plugged into it. On my way of thing is that I don't think they're worth a pinch of prunes. Get yourself Ah, Whole House search protectorate installed at your fuse box that does the job and prevents power surges. And we do have an advertiser on this show who installs him and I just found out the other day they install them at such a reasonable price. That I've had fun for years and the home in Northville. I'm going to have one installed very soon..

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