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I know like a semi sequel to sword the starring. Kevin sorbo from designate ten. I can't imagine that's gonna work very well. But nothing incomplete film as well it starts like ten minutes of like summing up with storyboards end. Who's ten minutes of storyboards. Excellent good he also made two thousand five infection. The film that he shot in one unbroken take from a dashboard of a car. Interest-only finance everything just multitudes he is he's the essence of cinema. That's that's what you get with this man and that's probably is because i know you want it to talk mostly a vicious lipton radioactive dreams. You can get back to that if you want this. This is why i feel like we. We covered obviously. We covered radioactive dreams and vicious slips. That was the plan going into. But normally with our podcast. It's like we have a plan but fuck it wherever it goes as long as it's good it's good and this has been great so actually we kind of wrap things up. We try to keep it around like an hour hour. Fifteen when we can but there's something we do at the end of every episode called put overs where we put something over every week. Which are you a professional wrestling fan by any chance. I am a dabbler in professional wrestling. I like my friends who are fans to explain to me but having to sit there and watch it regularly is something that i'm not willing to do so when you put something over in wrestling it's like you. You make them look good. You let them my good friend. Roman reigns everybody loves right sure. Yeah he's he's the cousin of the rock who doesn't love. Everybody loves that. Yeah this is like a joke for people who are like what the hell are they talking about. Roman he's a wrestler that sucks but he's somehow still the headlines. he's he's everybody hates him to clarify. I didn't know put over a wrestling thing. So you're already bad nordia insane. No that's that's a different matter entirely but yeah also fuck roman reigns. They had a spot the other day where he had a title match and he was handcuffed to a giant steel pole and the spot was supposed to be his manager. Came out was supposed to release him from the handcuffs but they couldn't get the handcuffs to come off so there's just like a endless. It felt like five minutes stretch them fiddling with handcuffs while the other guy pretends to be hurt trash absolute trash anyways roman reigns outta here. Get the real star. Shane mcmahon nerve. Wwe i wanna see his red face and see him have a heart attack while. That's why i watch this kind of stuff. Exactly what more ladies if ww could learn something from albert pune where the muscle ladies get him out. Here We love him. You're listening to the optimism wrestling. Podcast exactly anyway. So so we do we. Do this. recall jakob you. Just pick something not not doesn't have to be related to the podcast subject at all. It could be music movie tv. What you just read so justin..

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