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I'm saying be you or be boring. Don't be in a little less. There's a lot of mixed messages out there. Hey zac bu man be you just little less a. You would be good a little more little lhasa. You little less stiffler and more knocking at steph. You know what i mean. Would you take the browns and survivor this week. I don't know what you mean like a you talking about talk about it in the tribal council about this isn't gambling. I mean it kind of eilly seen the rest of your choices. But no i'd stay away from it. You think the bears could upset him as kind of one of my question defense that just turn joe over three straight. Times is showing up right. Who's pass catching for the browns better than the bengals. Whose past kitchen for the browns. Chris like you said jarvis's out we don't do pills into the king of false equivalency since you walked. Browns aren't the bengals. The browns are not the bengals. The browns are a better team in the bengals. But what i'm saying but they can also show up and pick off baker mayfield a couple of times. They can come up with their takeaways that they frequently do ingest feels makes enough place. David montgomery starts running the ball. They can win this game. Come on there's gotta be other scenarios where you're thinking. The team has less of a chance. No i know. I'm just asking if you would take them. I mean buffalo denver. Who's buffalo blind again home against the football team. Oh boy i'd stay away from heineke to brel. Who knows what that guy hitting people with the heineke who knows talk. who knows. so you're under survivor. Pool is that what you're telling me right now. I didn't know that you were yeah cardinals on the road. I'm going. i'm taking denver at home against the jets. But i'm just saying like you know if you want to avoid that. It's funny the first. The first road trip on during the season i took for. Nfl network was the opener of the two thousand three season to green bay. Green bay and lambofield just redone a lot of their stadium. Just renovated quite a bit. And paul tagliabue's was invited to go out and be there. I guess he was the commissioner. He went to lambofield to start the season and joe brown his right hand man. The keeper of the flame been there since the road road zelda's joe brown. Who handed out. The rexel graft copied Press release announcing the merger between the afl nfl. That's how long you've been with the nfl. On one of those crank copied assuming cal after they. So joe brown. And he's a new yorker and he you know i think saw in me inability to bust my stones from the very beginning and i was invited to fly out on the commissioners jet. I did fancy. And i flew out there. You can look it up chris. Two thousand three home opener for the green bay packers. The first thing i ever did for. Nfl network was as a road. Trip was I went to the pro football hall of fame induction ceremony that august because it was the fiftieth anniversary of the hall of fame Of the class of i ever hall of fame week. One thousand one vikings. And so you know i. It was the fiftieth anniversary of the hall of fame. Sixty three and it was two thousand three and everyone was back and they wanted you know the nfl is like go there and meet people and whatever and i was like what is this network. We're hearing about so. That was the first thing i did but in that opener i flew out and i watched christopher the minnesota vikings christened the new building where the renovated building. I watched him. Chris and i think dante culpepper had a day in two thousand three. Do you have the statistics on the minnesota one. Thirty to twenty five beat farm and the three touchdown did barf had four picks. Oh they had a day. It was it was. That score. Does not really indicate randy moss. He had a day to nine catches on one. Hundred fifty are yes. Oh it was quite a day for the vikings to go in a green bay. Far new lambeau places going crazy. So i get back on a plane as if we're getting back on the plane we'd get in there. Joe brown says to me is the doors shut. He says to me so rich. Did you have the packers in your survivor pool today. Fully knowing that. I'm not supposed to be in a survivor pool anymore. I'm like what are you talking about. Joe and nodded his head like good answer but right in front of tag label. You try to trip me up. Those days are over it. You know so when you say to me who's in the survivor pool. That's i'm like this travel council. But what are you talking about jeff. Probst is going to be involved with the nfl..

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