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We don't know yet we don't know yet khloe but the you're twenty thirty four. I'm waiting for you. Dragonfly that talk okay so chloe. Let's say someone is listening and they're thinking you know what i i have a good idea for a talk. How will they know if their idea is good for the ted stage if they should even take the steps to submit a great question so i mean i think one thing that we tell people is to think about the difference between a topic and idea so a topic example might be something like we need to fix the opioid crisis. Like of course that's fascinating and most people would agree that. What's the idea within that. So an idea might take that step further like a specific angle that stems from the topic. with a unique message solution or insight so talk idea that actually became a talk from from that topic might be in the opioid crisis. Here's what it takes to save a life so we're actually hearing about you know the steps to potentially end this person by person. Okay got it. Now let's say a person has thought through all of that. They still think their ideas legit. What should they do. How can they get their idea to you and your team so please please spread the word if you know someone who has an idea we're spreading or if you are that person apply it's still open until the end of january so you can apply at go dot ted dot com slash idea. Search and winners will be invited to give. Ted talks either. Virtually person khloe. Sasha books is speaker. Development curator at ted khloe. Thank you so much for spending this hour with us. Thank you so much for having me. Thanks so much for listening to our show this week on ted's idea search and again for more information on how to submit your idea visit go dot ted dot com slash idea search and as always to learn more about the people who were on. Today's show go to ted dot. Npr dot org and to see hundreds more. ted talks. Checkout ted dot com or the ted app are ted radio production staff at. Npr includes jeff rodgers son as michigan. Poor rachel faulkner diba mohtashami james l. Tc howard katie monteleone. Maria paz gutierrez christina kala matthew ta and farah safari with help from daniel shchukin. Our intern is janet jong lee. Our theme music was written by rahm teen arab louis. Our partners at ted. Are chris anderson colin helms and a phelan and michelle quint. I'm a new summer odi. And you've been listening to the ted radio hour from npr..

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