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News now on NewsRadio nine fifty. I'm Jason Scott. Good evening. Top stories at ten twenty President Trump's scrambling now to find a new chief of staff after his first choice to replace John. Kelly said he wasn't interested in the job. One name. That's been mentioned as a possible replacement North Carolina, congressman, Mark meadows. He was on Fox News today. I can say this that because it's an honor certainly on on favorably inclined to at least have a discussion with the president. I have not CBS news will have more throughout the evening. The Wayne County prosecutor's office charging forty six year old Albert weathers of Sterling Heights with the murder of thirty six year old Kelly sto sto a transgender woman was found dead by police in the area of east mcnichols and brush streets. This was on December seventh an investigation led prosecutors to arraign weather's today. Well, let's mayor Monday here at W W J, Allen parks leaders speaking today. About his cities resolution to opt out of legalizing recreational marijuana because the increase in death due to marijuana the increase in health issues for pregnant, women and newborns. The studies are already coming out on that. And they're not good. They're not positive mayor Monday. It airs each Monday afternoon at four twenty on W w j time magazine's person of the year. It's being revealed tomorrow morning. You can join Tom Jordan, Roberta just seen up five to ten right here on W w j they'll have who that is as soon as it's announced among the ten finalists President Donald Trump special counsel, Robert Muller, also Christine Blasi Ford, w w j news.

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