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Of building it up. It's how I felt like a right. You know coming soon hood just I guess it was. I mean it. It was a lot of lorry so I mean because we didn't get Angela's grandfather either didn't see where he he went on. He got off to you know after yeah and I mean so it it was. It was fine I just I just kinda thought. It was kind of neat having that comic book in it or whatever kind of the way that the book plays out. Oh yeah but I don't know it's interesting. Yes and at the end. She almost killed by space. John Yes because it's a playoff her little story about you. Know where basically Ozzy Mendez Doctor Manhattan. Tonight I'll go to heaven and they're all sent the hell and she's supposed to be the girl in her story and the brick comes down and kill skied in basis concept brick dropping down on in her she just laughs. I love that seen her sitting in front of that picture of the watchman you know like her head was like infers spot there. That was a great shot. Oh you mean you're not. You're not a huge fan of the scene. where she pulled out the doctor Manhattan adult toy and assembles it and then decides dope to go find her Co Aging Aj. Oh it might have missed that. That's what that briefcase thing. That she pulled out was always took it the way it was shaped and she was holding it and and then the next thing we know like it's her waking up in bed next to her Koiji okay. I'm this way. was that okay. Yeah Okay Okay okay. I didn't even I mean I didn't even get that Laurean. That was somebody I at first. I thought it was What's his Judge y forever but maybe I just missed missed the whole I you know I was kind of in and out. So Oh what a totally unrelated topic. I guess Charlie must have been listening to the last alleged to the verse episode Lil Financial Data. And we're talking about tyler. Haukeland Superman. Yeah and we just kept calling him tyler. Charlie's like every time you love keep mentioning. Can you know tyler playing superman. He's like all. I can picture as zero r tyler in that role good I like that. Yes yes I would very much so Yeah what I wanted to join you. In Loath not conversation but it was just. It was hard because we had Wifi Wifi in the hotel but lay it wasn't fair reliable. Hey this one that's all. I had this Wednesday if you want but yeah that is just so weird. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA have a superman man you know. Play by guy named Tyler. I'm like what's next. You know. Some.

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