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Okay i hear mathematical de larosiere from from a walk from a walker walker walker in the night and i was like all right i what what and so what happens is a guard a soapy up and take area and he starts like doing the like weird things desires like you know putting strong too where he was trying to wink but also a grazes eyebrows who literally like his eyes widening amelie an undefeated crowd as as i come up picking up on your signals imports 'ake unita soapy not do because united union experience the culture a that that sounds dirty even though to clean activity i rise and be again dude i ain't trying to go down a dark alley into a place of business i don't know yeah in late hours of the night the general rule of thumb win when travelling to foreign countries is you don't want your cell yet wa wash your own damn ass i feel like that should be the if you're the rick steve's of 2018 that's where the title of john witherspoon next album what's your own de mayo thank you george wallace yeah like it like a good win win the ball family when when the ball family hit a thing where they were they shoplifted in china the one through the two kids did yes it's just like that you're you idiot 'cause the one rule because i've watched lock up abroad i don't like it a really yeah prison prison in another country like it's it's not the same so any and even japan i d i don't want experience aetna so you get you just don't want to do anything that might be illegal could be illegal isn't on the open up like just stay out stay on straight narrow don't don't get so peace in alleys.

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