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This is the Jodi Mack show on CBS sports radio it's not comparable there is nobody these quarrels well I've got four hours to Jackie up about everything going on in the world of sports Bobby listen here's Jodie Mac you know I hate to start the show with inaccuracy I won't call it a lie it's just the little an actor they played my boys right there at the top with the Jodi Mack started the show returned and it says we've only got four hours ago we better get some points in well with our new re fangled schedule here on the weekends on CBS sports radio I only had three hours to go we're still going to try and get some points in that's my job that's my goal that's what I'm asked to do that's what I try and get died every time I yeah step behind the bike and will surely do that today the three hours being starting right now straight through for red to Arjun fifty nine minutes from now all right here on CBS sports radio your body Palin amigo Jodie Mac hang in with you I got two good guest who will join us over the court said tonight three hours ago I will ask you to join me throughout the entire show as a matter of fact well you just finally CBS sportsradio fighting Cody Matt Kerr on Sunday night I truly do enjoy talking to the peeps and even more so with the New World in which we're living hopefully the New World gets back to being your world but some part time in the future when that's going to be damned if I had died after I'd be on Mr trump's staff I don't know any more than you do but I know we in most ways and means are making the good effort no right fight to get us back to is close to normalcy as we can in beating down the corona virus they give me three hours each week on CBS sports radio here on Sunday night I hear a couple of thoughts on what I think we are dealing with in our country in our world on our planet these days you can surely share with me your thoughts what you're doing what you're going through what you found out what you've learned good bad or indifferent to and it's been a mixture of all of these things for darn sure I get to phones open I like to talk to people yes I've got two good death to give you details on those yeah they pay me to talk but I just think it's better for the two people talking back import because then exchanging beliefs ideas insights can only further the conversation and we need to continue to converge we need to do it together we need to stay strong again we'll get into playing sports that thank you very much there are some pretty hefty sports topics that we have to sink our teeth into and we will do so over the next three hours but I give just a couple quick starts at the top of the show about where we are as a country is that society dealing with what we're being felt forced to deal with not of our choosing the coronavirus for damn sure from did she live video this week I'm a New Jersey guy our CBS sports radio studios are in New York City I have not been to New York City since March Middlemarch the last weekend show I did was Sunday March fifteenth that was the last time I was in New York City coming home after being on the air on CBS sports radio I'm I miss New York City as a matter of fact for those of you who are still fighting the fight in New York and yes things are getting better it doesn't mean you're out of the woods by any stretch of imagination because it was so bad there are the it had to get better it had to stop the tub to pull back and it adds so be thankful for that but by no means because the numbers are trending downward is New York out of the woods and I'm still not broadcasting from home from the studio I'm broadcasting from my home I had a very good chicken parm with a little sought to genocide artfully prepared by my daughter for dinner within the past hour thank you very much for asking but I got out of my little man cave crank up all my equipment and get ready to talk to you guys on Sunday nights I like I said we've got plenty to where I think our teeth into a world of sports bite I am at your you guys and I live more staff to encourage the the north injured and a good solid hour ride from the beaches on the Atlantic Ocean not bad data if you can get out at the right time you donate traffic can get down there in about forty five fifty minutes if you've got a bad time that you're leaving it can take an hour and change to get down to the shore but I've become a very big Jersey Shore guy over the last thirty years because I've lived down here for close to thirty years now grew up in New York and was always more of a Long Island beach guy Jones beach Hamptons and the like more so than New Jersey Shore I need to judge each you are till I was in my twenties and expanded some of my friendship group after going to college and start to work free S. P. N. it's a matter of fact I got to know some guys who preferred to Jersey Shore to the Long Island shorts size started heading to the dirty carpet that was north Jersey Shore now I'm a South Jersey your guide this geography lesson you probably don't need it's a long winded way for me to get to the point I'm trying to make this weekend on social media I know our local news a lot of shots from the Jersey Shore and it's the week before Memorial Day which is the unofficial start of summer by if it's nice enough to know by the way it was eighty some odd degrees yesterday first eighty degree day of the year and the northeast region the Jersey New York I can speak to hide middle I'll get into summer like conditions but we had them yesterday here so a lot of people to the band you went down to the Jersey Shore and I saw a bunch of videos and pictures and Instagram hits and everything else as much as I love the Jersey Shore damn I do I enjoy the beach I enjoy going in the water I am an outdoor kinda guy when given the chance there's no way I would have gone down the Jersey Shore yesterday if I hadn't seen the video if I was contemplating going down in the afternoon after I'd seen the video in the morning I would have taken a big time pass more power to the people are getting out I'm glad that we are re opening certain aspects of our country it is a sign that we are doing things correctly and that we are going to be back this virus but we still need to do so with some question attached to it and shot to board walks down the Jersey Shore with people just walking not right on top of each other but certainly not with six in social distancing between them and some crowded beaches where people are and if your day with your family you you're in college in your house with every single day I understand that but there must be some of the biggest families ever on the Jersey Shore yesterday because groupings of twenty and thirty people sitting right next to each other on blankets in chairs and the like it just looked a little risky to me and there were more nine mask wearers that mask wearers as well which I know it just seems so wrong and and not something that you would ever do to go to the beach to go to the beach to take your clothes off to get someone to feel refreshed by the sun beating down on you and then you got to a mask on top of it will yeah you do that's the deal still we're not past that yet or at least we're not here in the northeast that again I will repeat as I do each and every single time it seems like I do show here on CBS sports radio we can only relate to where we are my area of expertise is my block my town my county to a lesser extent my state to my region northeast slash Delaware Pennsylvania New York Connecticut and the like these areas I know what's going on in the Midwest I don't what's going on out in California I'm only listening to reports but I need to be cognizant of my area as do you wherever you happen to be less than to expect to be anywhere on any of our great affiliates and or on the radio dot com app number one I thank you for doing it number two I hope your breath stay in safe and healthy you got to stay on top of your own area you got to know what's going down in your area and you need to make your decisions accordingly I was a little put off yesterday by the video that I saw and people taking actions that I thought were a little risque Hey I can only argue my opinions I'm not the police I'm not going to go down the Jersey Shore and get on a microphone and go get your math got what are you doing what are American parents no I'm not going to do that I'm just gonna sit here on the radio and tell you we're going in the right direction if we were having full backs then I would be beside myself we are continuing to see progress in doing what we're supposed to be doing and seeing the lessening of the virus here in the country and I'm trying to hold up my end of the bargain and thank you very much for any of those of you out there want to holding up your end of the bargain if you want to go a little bit further do a little bit more ma'am push the envelope a little bit yeah it's understandable you want to that's normal behavior that's the way we get through things in life on an everyday basis it's different now but it also can be compared to just everyday life just don't go too far too fast that's all Mexican and that's all I'm saying and we'll leave it at that I was just a little yeah I would say put off by the behavior of some yesterday but we continue to fight the good fight and I appreciate your red tune in to me Peter to get my two cents about where we're at as a country and I will not harp on it anymore than they already have more more likely to get scheduled brief time away from worrying about when you're dealing with in your life because of the situation we're in in a way we do that is with sports and that's what CBS sports radio has always been about now we're trying to juggle with trying to balance would trying to serve two masters but we're not going to dismiss our usual master which is the world sports there is ongoing sports there's not a lot of it there's a lot of conversation about the return of some of our professional sports and what hurdles need to be gotten over I did watch some golf today Hey that's one specific question unless you guys did anybody watch the golf that was on today they had a skins game for charity I tuned it online because I wanted to see live sporting action and you know I'm a golf fan but I like golf competition and these guys will play in any time you play you're you're competing but it's not like there was a green jacket on the line it was green dollars and cents online for very good can't carry so I tip my hat to all for the golfers they participated between you and I well it wasn't a good watch I couldn't stay.

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