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Always been this establishment republican guy who got elected is kind of this middle of the road kind of establishment guy seventeen eating years ago in the house this guy was a jim dement la he took strong libertarian stands on a number of issues criticized george w bush and his administration from van perspective when he got into the senate guess what he changed as should no longer could be of that kind we're all be different guy now you can actually go through his legislative record and see exactly what he did in the house see see what major fight she had the house in there were coupled but it's hard to figure out exactly what major fight he chose to advance in the senate there's no signature legislation here mitch mcconnell says we just sorta speech for a very fine man um poppycock were b r m a plight tweet sam poppycock flick left populism behind trashed his conservatism became a part of the eternal critics of the trump administration and began to work with mcconnell who he had harshly criticized prior he had the worst of both worlds yours mcconnell team player who voted in line with donald trump of gop while also being one of the president's most prominent public critics r kelly words you to run there are others who might now announced other flick has said he's out in so that is not a sure bet for kelly award but she's been doing the groundwork she's been having a rubber chicken dinners their ears a version of conservative populism that as coherent insane and those in washington who wish to continue to govern this country would be wise to move moves toward that particular vision of how to move the country forward being sensitive to concerns of the working man and sensitive to the nationalism and patriotism of most of america i think back to the conversation with yes about this guy from national public radio did it one year tour of america and he was shock officially people didn't believe as he the yacht when you get outside of the the coasts the by coastal democrat party not that there's nothing wrong with that then you find out the most of middle america as a very different set of values shock of shocks and this is part of what.

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