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To connect with it but he's also kind of jealous that gis disability and he's jealous of the guy that she has a crush on daniel and so like that's a couple of red herrings right they're not switch daniel but jerram jerram for sure and then there's another red herring describing wallace who's like yes like a little bit schizophrenic i guess like warner's the town centre he lake came for money he got a head injury i face outta when he totaled as ferrari so he grew up the grip is like the richest family uhhuh got this lose all our lack a little here i think yeah and the family did not want to help him after this accident yeah but he also didn't want their help no and he just now he's out in the town square yeah asking for change and people think he's shady but rose knows that he isn't she knows he's innocent so there's that shares have these visions shirts to see other girls um um it it they speaks to the former police chief or they tell she tells the police her and her friend grace like i by the way i had a dream personal finance his body and junk yard or no in a forest and they were like yeah yeah yeah whatever uh the kind of glamorous o'hara on the case detective o'hara thinks useful a shit so they go to the former police chief on silver mchale mckay wait remember we have used to call makhaye otherwise he just not mci makhaye mci it just looks like malkey feels like malkey to me buckeye fine anyway um he believes in that stuff because his sister is also clervoy offense yeah um and sister takes care of wallis la she says that he has low level abilities yeah and she kind of like uh so rose like learns like malkey basically says like oh like john.

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