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Double. He'll shoot over the top, and that's it indeed is on fire. Nearly perfect from the field 11 of 13 29 points, which falls right in line with his seasonal average. 97 5, the fanatic. Six years of 1 18 What old four win over the Pistons. Jo Ellan B. 29 points on 11 of 13 shooting first time in his career. He has shot at least 80% from the field with at least 10 shots, finished with 29 time for the third most in the game by his six years player to play under 25 minutes in the shot clock era, six years of one Eight consecutive games, longest active win streak in the NBA, their longest win streaks and 16 in a row in 2018. Philly up three on the Nets. 3.5 on the Bucks, Brooklyn down by as many as 21 Saturday, but it's the MBA. Everyone makes a run. Durant, the back in Durant turns Jets the road. Kevin Durant clutch. Durant Double Team, Irving. Rises up connects Kyrie Irving Yes, Network Nets rally Ah 1 25 1 19 win over the Nuggets Nets trailed by as many as 21. So it's their second largest comeback this season. They were down two dozen to the sons and mid February than that, snapping a season high four game. Losing streak for stare dealing with health issues as well, ESPN Milica Andrew says James Harden is confident he could be back Well, James Harden said today that he is very confident. That's the phrase he used that he is going to be able to return before the postseason. And just a couple of minutes ago, Steve Nash had told me that he said that he feels that James Harden has put himself in a very good position to make that come to fruition. Now, in order for that to happen, James Harden said.

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