President Trump, White House, Muller discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


Headline White House officials fear the president's anger had the mullahs report. We're talking about the possible roots of that anger. He's been venting lately on Twitter would certainly fits a pattern. Question is what happens Thursday when the redacted report arrives in fear, loathing aside? How will the report be received by Democrats who control the house demanding to see more congressman Rokon is a democrat who sits on the house oversight committee. I spoke to him shortly before airtime. Congressman the fact that the president has been railing on Muller in recent days could he have been given some sort of a heads up on the content of report or do you think he's just? Covering his bases. Well, I think he's concerned. They White House did not calculate that their own White House counsel, cooperated with Muller and spent over thirty hours testifying Muller. And I think he's concerned about the obstruction of Justice issues, and what the White House counsel may have told Muller in terms of White House aides the reportedly being worried that the report might make the president angry them should they have had some expectation of privacy or should everyone who talked to Muller have assumed that what they say would one day become public. I think in an investigation like this. If you work for the president specially as the White House counsel, you should assume that this is going to become public is, especially when Muller as report was going to go to congress, and what's surprising to me is that the president know nor anyone on his team actually talked to the White House counsel or some of the aids to see what they told him. I'll or and this is why I think they're concerned because they're worried about what may have been shared their four categories than the bore has said he will use in terms of what to redact and one of them is about third parties. And it's not clear exactly what he means by that. I mean, he said it doesn't apply to to the president. Do you think it possibly applies to two members of the president's staff? Well, it shouldn't and bar has not been transparent in this whole process. I mean, ordinarily an attorney general would sit down with Jerry Nadler, and one of the Republicans in congress and come to an agreement about what should be redacted, and what shouldn't be redacted. And he hasn't followed any of that. And so what we now need to do is see the report see what the reductions are see if there's if there are fair, and then push to see more if he has not been transparent, how long I mean, if there are a lot of reductions that Democrats field or improper how long a battle that could very easily become a legal battle that could drag on for and some in the past in somewhat similar circumstances. Strike down for years. It could. And I don't think that's good for the country. I don't think that's good for the president. I mean, even if they're embarrassing details in the report, the president should be for getting it all out there and moving on. I mean, let let's get the facts out there. So that we can focus on issues that people care about. And the other thing is that Barr. Could at least show the report to Nadler, the chair of the judiciary committee into the speaker. And the minority leader, I don't need to see it a not every member of congress needs to see it. I think we should be able to. But at the very least in private share the report with the key committee chairs and the key leadership. Why is this important because you know, there are plenty you could look at this and say, well, look speaker Pelosi has all but ruled out impeachment proceedings because the Senate it wouldn't pass through the Senate the attorney general's personal counsel they've already ruled out criminal proceedings. So regardless of what the report says what's going to come of it. Well, it's important because the American people should know there was misconduct..

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