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To have to get you including sound from craig counsel brewer's manager speaking to the media today at mary vail baseball park it speaking of mary baseball park by the way significant renovations also rendering today of what they're going to do to that complex if you've ever been down to bury they'll baseball ballpark you know this number one spring training is wonderful number two mary build these ballpark home of the brewers since the midnineties looks like a apart from the mid nineties it is in desperate need of an overhaul and the rules are going to sick millions into it and i mean everything will go through some of the details we got from the brewers earlier today olympics were on tv the game of the night will be happening later tonight i'll get into that at 815 tonight the story of the day in forgive me we haven't got do with yet couple hours into the program the wanted to get to this little earlier uh what a little long with matla pay in the seven o'clock hour but why rough day for the dallas mavericks to put it mildly if you missed it from this morning and if you get sports illustrated you will know exactly what i'm talking about but the iin an incredible story written investigative piece written by a staff members at sports illustrated regarding sexual harassment predatory practices against women in the workplace it was toppled down many a man here in the united states it's now come crashing down on the dallas mavericks sports illustrated heavy.

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