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About our guest here should he mirror always a psychic reader intuitive coach energy alchemist artist and author creator of the lunar nomad oracle forty three cards to unlock your creativity and a week in your intuition also coauthor of Carol for troubled times now we works with people all over the world helping them find some clarity and direction and personal empowerment and we're going to talk with him about that right now on coast to coast should he in welcome to the program thank you for having me my pleasure this your first time on the show I understand yes that is great now how did you get involved how did you get interested in Terrel cards specifically well on my journey or my introduction to have hired happened when I was a little kid I had a very thank you experience as and my mother being this kind of home with the woman that she is and that if he can be repaired hi as she has and five or six would lay out the card he was a what three now is really her way and helping me to use my psychic abilities and my intuitive ability and from there it became like a second language doctor art Wilson garden by any chance he's Terrel card reader he's been on the program before I don't know that you know happens in the I guess my question is is if you had five Terrel card readers in a room shaking would they all interpret the cards the same way or differently I love that question I think on one hand there would be maybe malaria is because he knows Hera had foundation that were in there right I think if you were if you work with each of these people and go in that and each person would have a different approach I really feel like Hera has and magic you it because you know some people come there from the very traditional.

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