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And you have never quiet and i think i may know why i think that you have noticed that even though you do not pledge person i somehow this radio station stays on the air right you have not given in scott simon an infant birth some how did not end up homeless on the street right and you have drawn to the only possible logical conclusion which is he doesn't matter if you call we will stay on the air and i'm saying these words and this is actually the greatest heresy a person can say during the pledge drive on the same again right now it doesn't matter if you call i want you to remember this moment you're never going to hear these words again during the pledge drive it doesn't matter if you call but frankly i don't think that that is the whole picture because although reason tells you that we're going to be fine if you don't call i'm here to tell you that i walk past reason you gotta see reason standing there in the corner you know smoking a cigarette and we can all smug and you're gonna walk right past reason you're going to walk past what is logical and what is reasonable to what is actually a bigger truth and that is that you want to do what's right and what is right in the simplest way that we teach a fiveeuro you know here's what's right here's what's wrong what is right is that if you use something or depend on something or share something like you share this radio station with all the other people who listeners radio station it is only right to help out and keep it going that's what's right and it is not right to let other people people just like you and me middleclass people with normal jobs in the same responsibilities that you have an i have it is not right to let other people shoulder all the burden you know so yes you do not have to pledge we're going to stay on the air if you don't pledge then that's why such a statement when you actually contribute here's the number more to come it's eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine two eight eight eight three seven six wnyc jacqueline cincotta i'm in the studio with a rune and we were just chatting right before that and.

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