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So we so i wrote that's grew at and i went into production in it um on it in 1990 six so i was 25 and this was something that and it's the first film it's a real young film um but it's something i'm still proud of its it got eventually went to south by southwest did eventually dig get a dvd release i'm in the process of remastering now and the great wonderful thing about it is that it was sean 35 so it's not as if i'm up resing standard definition video or trying to find element it's it's the 35millimeter print just had or the negative just had to be scanned be scanned 4 k and suddenly it looks brand new and content wise okay is this law gonna be desired yes yes but but at least it kind of shows i guess if for the complete there and they wanna see my first film it's in my turn some people off actually but it is like a social realist kevin smith film it's like a look at guys in suburbia usa and and uh and and the melt the male psyche of not age and so it has a little bit of like in the company of men actually and then it meets uh meets the irrelevance of the kevin smith fell yes is and it was real it was actually written very it was very much inspired by russia mon and mystery train uh this is just before pope or a pulp fiction was coming out that year so i'd written it in a threestorey structure and then pulp came out and say oh no and then this is this is going to look like a rip off another tarente because there are so many tarantino repulsion were and it wasn't until much later in the nineties when i revisited the film after greg bunny was already in going that i said i reedited the film in a linear style and it meant it made all the difference in the world and that's when it went to south by southwest so.

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USA, Kevin Smith, Greg Bunny discussed on Maltin On Movies

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