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Mckinnon. International wants to get your work on. I am project your the host and the founder of make anybody really. We are here for a very good thing. And i believe everyone. View are blessed transformed. Remember how gold a call value in that is to reform you to transform you and to impact to get ready for a of this or they're going to happen to displace learn things that i would change your life that i go to transform you i tell you the truth is going to be amazing wonderful last week. We talked about other sorry on monday. We talked about understanding what love is all about. And i just give us a brief introduction told me on says senate tax messy some sentiment email and said there's not like love again and i believe many people of different concept by the word lerve. I want also introduce you to one of my greatest one of the books. I wrote which is data love and sex in different languages in different countries in robbie chinese and saw and also A book. that's coming up very soon. Meridian puzzles and understanding low. Like i promise you this. By the end of this month you're going to get the boop. Life is a crisis. But it's good to take us to the next one because there's a few things that are trying to suck out so shallow. You would get book by the book. I promised you can also courtrooms description of this podcast. See my amazon page out of the see my facebook lucy train eastern grab and also my email so you can talk me. Shed they wanna show with me. I'm free to talk to you so now today we're gonna talk about what is love. What east lerve. What is actually the word love. A lot of people begin to give different definitions. Psalms in love. These when you die for somebody said love is when you so many definitions. I can't remember that and the world lovie e as being misunderstood by a lot of people and so you see today that we call what is love love. Some always say to somebody. I know what he can spark the person he could beat up the person at the end. We'll see i love you. I don't think that is low. Or should i say something. The government of a nation trying to treat a citizen and he we go to the tv station and come up with an address and say i love my citizen. I love the citizens of this country is a what love really misunderstood is that we just say because we hear the word lerve. I think the many of our say the word love or beat the what law not with a good mindset. All what i see without understanding. I gotta understand something about the three words. Non each understanding and wisdom knowledge is gathering information now on this stunning is the original. Those information and wisdom is the application of those information. Now i want you to get it again one more time. Knowledge is godhra of information getting information now understanding east original is comprehended trying to put them in place then. Wisdom is the obligation of that information although now so i believe the lerve many how refused to get a knowledge concerning toward love called love and also again many. Don't even understand that is even get knowledge. Maybe love this. They don't arrange the food in place and that he's application on hit. Which is we so. I wanna start gladys through things to about what i'm going to see tonight today because i'm doing focus writing here in nineteen year so absurd i tonight. So do they toss the. We are going to this. Three words into place. I wanted to put the buckle your mind or writing your mind. I give the of the war lerve now in my own concept someone can stand up and see. I love this car. Those the main the person is having sex with a car all is a person Good get mark to the car because majorly most of the time with feed the word love is attracted all he's been attached to sex. He's been attached to marriage now. Those are the conditions that we have in society today. So i wanna plates right. Now love east. The unconditional sacrificial. Keeping a one. Serve to something or somebody. Yes i don't know if you are shocked right now. Because he don't expect this. I would be getting low ease. The unconditional sacrificial. Giving oneself the somebody somebody oh now love east not feeling. Love is not sex. Love is not emotion so that is what we get it wrong. Many people have a strong like for the. I love the state because when you love that is no condition. Attached it is a sacrificial dot is it is not yourself you give you give yourself without income without a single condition. Rv the words single competition. That is not eve that is why you see a lot of margins trump to the because someone just woke up on monday and said oh my spouse or my my wife did this to me how i can take it anymore but i see lover no he or she does not learn all themselves themselves because why the law is something that sucker fish on condition. There is no condition attached to every you don't have to put conditions. That is why we get wrong. And i'm going to tell us these series how we can look lobbies. I can tell you the truth. I'm gonna teach you going to tell you how look so. That must've false. Don't get it wrong. Most of the things. That was. When i tell you that i love you. I am doing something right. And what i do. I take my time sacrificial on condition on even though you don't listen to me even though you don't download this podcast this episode. I do eat with joy. Because i love you on giving out something to you and i love what i'm doing. You see. that goes into something and he. He does a thing with grid join that he must what he's doing. Because debt is not condition attached to read what i is under the reign. London the sun is doing it perfectly with a heart with happiness joy and everything together so long not feeling. Love is not emotion. Love is not sex. love is not even love is not because love is not attached with a combination. I believe you've got us under today. I'm going to get you back unless episode. Because i'm going to go deeply into mark things you need to know about love and what does speak on different aspects so that we could understand felipe. Thank you and i love you.

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