Five Hundred Pounds, Thousands, Today discussed on Lex Fridman Podcast


Resistance when you fight and competition. There's a hundred percent resistance. You can't go from zero to a hundred. It has to be progress over time. Where i head them work in drills with slightly increasing increments of resistance and just as. We talked about earlier with the weightlifter. Who doesn't start with five hundred pounds but who begins with the bar and in overtime builds the skills that one day out there in the he will lift five hundred pounds so to that judy. Itami that you're working on. Today is feeble and pathetic but five years from now you'll win a world championship with you. Can't have this naive idea of drilling a some. You just come out you randomly pick move and you for numbers until you satisfy certain set of numbers that you coach through at you and then i think you're going to get. There's even dangerous with drilling. There is no performance increase. That comes once you get to a certain level and you just keep doing the same damn thing. Let's say for example you come out and you hit a hundred repetitions of the on by judy. Tommy from god position. And you're all proud of yourself because you hit a hundred repetitions and your body's tied and you telling yourself man. I got a good workout and you come in tomorrow. Do exactly the same thing you coming. The day after that a week goes by and you're done the same thing then a year later you the same thing. Ask yourself has you judy. Tommy really gotten better. No you've performed literally thousands and thousands of repetitions. You've spent an enormous amount of training time and energy. That could have gone in different directions on something which didn't make you any bedroom. Drills have diminishing returns once you get to a certain skill level if you just keep hammering on the same thing in the same fashion.

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