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We need your support all right. Let's stop talking about politics for a while for me is the end of my week. The claybin Lewis Weekend. We'll be coming and so I WANNA talk to stop for a minute and talk about some of the things that I've been entertaining myself with While we're here You know it really is. A lot of people are talking about the different books. They're reading the different movies. They're watching the different Netflix shows. And there's a lot of people talking about what streaming on Netflix. I told you I'm watching Babylon Berlin but one of the things that I've wanted to do during this time as go back over the movie and watch some of the movies. I grew up watching because I grew up watching the movies that my parents grew up watching the simple reasons. We didn't have the mechanisms to record and save things so the only first run movies you could see with the movies that were in the theaters. And the they vanished. We didn't have Vcr's we didn't have DVD's we'd have anything to watch a movie once it disappeared so all we had on TV with the same old movies are Parents Watch. So we were watching movies from the forties and fifties and I grew up watching John Wayne. And Humphrey Bogart and Jimmy Cagney. And all those people and some of those movies Really shaped my worldview. They really shaped the way. I look at things and actually I think they did it for the better. I think those a lot of those movies were highly intelligent. I've talked about this before today when you write a screenplay it's about one hundred five pages to one hundred twenty pages tops the old Screenplays are up to two hundred fifty pages Twice as long and the reason is that movies thought that they were more like theater and so they were based in language when they start in through the great period there were based on language as hitchcock kind of discovered and the rest of the movies followed. Suit it really as a visual art form it really tells stories through pictures and so the scripts have have fewer and fewer words and they've gotten shorter and shorter and so they used to be smarter. Movies used to be smarter. They used to be better I think nineteen thirty nine was the peak of quality movies. One of the reasons the TV has been so great. These last ten years is because TV didn't have the money to make the kinds of things movies did so they concentrated on two shots of actors talking to one another and that's why we had a golden age of TV which is passing away as money flows in And they're starting to just make movies for television so I've been going back and watching some of the old movies. I'll tell you about some of them that I think I'm going to try and focus on ones. You might have missed. Although the first one is a classic that I think a lot of people have seen but is worth watching again and that's singing in the rain and singing in the rain is listed as one of the greatest movies ever made. It was not thought so when it came out it got kind of. Oh this is a very nice musical reviews when it came out. It's obviously gene Kelly. Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds And I I watched it this weekend with my wife would never seen it and it was. It's an amazing movie. It is an amazing movie because not just as delightful as only American movie. Musicals can be delightful. I- There's nothing. There is no art form that is happy and as smile inducing as the American movie musical it is just amazing and this was from a a a division of the studio. I think was Arthur freed. Who was the head of the freed unit MGM who made their glossy glamorous musicals and Arthur freed So they made such great musicals and Arthur Free noticed. He had a lot of songs that hadn't made it into musicals or had yet. We're just kind of lying around. Or he still had rights to and he asked two of the great writers of musicals What were their names? Stanley donen combat in Green. I sorry combination. Green where the two of the great Musical writers and he asked them to come up with a musical to to fifty songs into Betty continent. Adolph Green. A lot of people thought they were married. They weren't but they were a great writing team and so they just assembled these songs into a musical because many musicals came from the twenties and thirties. When the movies went from being silent to talkie they divide devised a plot about what happened when the talkies came to the movies and it becomes an incredible satire of movie stars and movie star worship. It opens with a wonderful wonderful scene. Where Gene Kelly? Who's the Great Silent Movie Star? Jean Hagen who is his Co Star in all of his silent movies are at a premium for their new silent movie and they get interviewed as they do on the red carpet for all the people and she asked them to tell the story of his life. Here's just a.

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