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Good shot from the logo. Oh, my goodness. What a shock! You gotta kidding me. People look where Damian Lillard pulls up. One dribble over half court dead center that was taken from Valence. Technically, it wasn't but I understood what he was saying outside of Portland in the bubble end A on a dame Lillard, 13 to 22 from the floor, 42 points, 12 assists. And now the aid seed with the play in game against the Grizzlies coming up on Saturday afternoon, your play of the day is brought to you. By Ray Khan. Great wireless earbuds. The way to go get 15% off your rake on order by recon dot com slash patrick. That's by recon dot com. Slash Patrick. I didn't realize it, but I guess it's national roller coaster day coming up. Maybe this weekend and we started talking about. We're just We're talking about it during the live looking And I'm not a rollercoaster guy and I grew up in right by Kings Island where you have this unbelievable of theme park. And we had the beast. They're at King's Island, and I worked at King's Island. So we got to ride the rides. You get to go in for free one day a week, and I never wanted to ride the roller coaster. Just I don't like that feeling where your stomach separates from the rest of your body. You know the twists and turns and all of that I don't. I don't need that. And then Todd told us a story. What was it called Tilt A world filled the world that Nellie Bly and like the Sheepshead Bay area in Brooklyn, and that's not a rollercoaster just spends around right doesn't go up or down or anything, And it's pretty tame for most people, But for me, it was just like Aah! Horror show. How old were you? I would say nine, maybe even 10 and described the scene. I'm sitting with a couple of friends of mine. It could fit three women at that age three across. I was setting the middle. You put the bar down, so you don't go flying out of the thing and thoughts And I'm thinking it's okay for the 1st 10 15 seconds, then it's not spinning and moving around a lot faster than I had envisioned. That the guys didn't really explain to me how quickly was going to move around. So I'm begging the guy that's controlling the things to slow it down or stop. So while it's going, it's going. I'm tryingto scream to the guy. And as I'm getting closer, I'm like stop. Wait shouldn't stop that. The ride and finally, about halfway through, He stopped it. I'm trying time, my screams when we're going to be coming up to the point where I could see the guy that's moving the lever, then president buttons. What do your friends saying They were hysterical, laughing and they were embarrassed. For me and everyone around and they had read. Start the ride to everyone, whether tickets, whatever they paid to go on, So when it started to go around, you would wait until you got close to the guy who was running it and I'm in tears and I'm screaming and I'm holding onto my ski ball tickets. They're all crumpled up, You know that? Would you roll the ball to get it was just a total disaster. And I make pleased after our heavy often is any kind of got me up and I was dizzy and it was. It's like the Mechanical Bull in Dallas. Yeah, that was on the slowest setting brought back some bad memories. The mechanical bull brought me back to get me down. Get me down. Get me down off this. I'll never go on a roller coast. That's crazy. Just had her near surgery. Give me down. I had just gotten, but we're talking about the Spurs. Aren't you always just not that far removed from her? Unfortunately, just always within a few months of some type of surgical is it was that after the tilt a whirl when you were 10 herds, herders surgery. That's the 1st 1 I'm sure there was something going on with me and appendix was taken that something You always have something that could fall out at any moment. It was either just had stitches or some type of suitors air moving around. They have the real deal. How lucky where the Spurs In the 1997 draft. They had the third worst record in the MBA. They moved up two picks in the lottery and got Duncan. You could argue that six of the top eight picks were bus. He had Duncan, Keith Van Horn, Chauncey Billups, Antonio Daniels, Tony Beti, Ron Mercer, Tim Thomas and a Donald foil. The only guys who made the All Star team were Bill Apps and Tim Duncan. Their Spurs did benefit and you could see there's kind of the lineage that you have with the New England Patriots, where you have the established coach. Popovich Belichick, Tim Duncan, Tom Brady five championships for Tim Duncan. And about that, same well they made the playoffs 22 consecutive years. That's remarkable, but I wonder if Gregg Popovich will be back. Especially if the seasons not going to start until maybe February. Herm Edwards. Arizona State head coach Jones coming up next Sports.

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