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Yesterday's New York Times included a depressing report from the Mexican border where US troops are out in the desert in primitive conditions awaiting. The potential arrival of the so-called how style invasion of Central American asylum seekers. There remains no evidence to back up the derogatory rhetoric about them and their intentions at one point far right-wingers were claiming they were being hustled into the country. So they could vote for Democrats on election day. But gosh. It looks like that was a lie despite the whole migrant invasion scare being an election-eve farce fifty six hundred of our troops are down there. Unspools barbed wire in the heat. And the times reports that if the White House follows through on their plan to expand that forced to fifteen thousand it could wind up costing us two hundred million dollars that isn't currently budgeted as we honor US military veterans today, I can think of a few better ways to spend that money. An estimated ten percent of America's homeless are veterans in seventy five percent of them suffer from mental health or substance abuse issues. Veterans make up twenty percent of the suicides nationally. But only fifteen percent of returning veterans needing mental health services. Get the start their move onto properly funding transitional services and keep going that money. Could be much better spent on just about anything other than a cheap political stunt the times reports Pentagon officials quote privately deride, the deployment as an expensive waste of time and resources and morale killer to boot end, quote, no wonder. Hi, it's Joe Jack Loney owner of arch.

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