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The ad council Humane Society of the United States in Madison it's twelve thirty nine the head of the justice department is defending his decision making and criticizing some of president trump's tweets in an interview with ABC news Attorney General William Barr is pushing back on criticism of the federal case involving president trump's long time ally Roger stone I'm not gonna be bullied or influenced by anybody whether it's Congress newspaper editorial boards for the president I'm gonna do what I think it's right someone must be investigated all ten Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to chairman Lindsey Graham requesting an investigation into political interference at the justice department including Attorney General Barr's decision to overrule his prosecutors who recommended a seven to nine year sentence for stone Graham says he asked bar directly about the decision there's really no justification to go from three thirty at four AM to seven and nine welcome would be made by the judge and trust her judgment despite calls from Republican allies to refrain from talking about ongoing cases president trump continues to tweet about Roger stone's case the president slammed one of the trial jurors on Twitter and said this is not looking good for the justice department to have public statements hand tweets made about the department about cases pending in the department at about judges for for whom we have cases make it impossible for me to do my job for its part the justice department insists there was no coordination with the White House and another new interview tonight Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he has confidence in Attorney General bill Barr but also said the president should listen to the attorney general's advice now we know democratic lawmakers including California's two senators still want to hear from bill Barr directly he's scheduled to appear before the house Judiciary Committee late next month CBS news correspondent Natalie brand in Washington the Senate has approved a bipartisan measure aimed at limiting president trump's authority to launch military operations against Iran eight Republicans joined Democrats in a post impeachment bid to constrain the White House rebuke is the Senate's first major votes into quitting Mr trump on impeachment charges last week the president expected to veto the war powers resolution if it reaches his desk he's one that if his hands are tied a Ron will have a field day three senators seeking the democratic nomination for president all return to the capital from campaigning and back the war powers resolution a federal court is ordered the Pentagon to temporarily halt work with Microsoft on a ten billion dollar military cloud computing contracted Amazon have been favored to win Amazon sued alleging president trump bias against a company hurt its chances to win the project in July before the contract was awarded Mr trump publicly said that other companies told him the contract wasn't competitively bid and the administration will take a very long look Amazon is asked to dispose the president the former and current secretaries of defense and other officials as part of its case a new study looks at America's love hate relationship with credit cards the country's outstanding credit card debt has jumped almost twenty percent in the last decade reaching an all time high now of one point one trillion dollars according to a recent study from comparecards people need to make this year the year that they focus on knocking down that that Matt Schultz is chief industry analyst at comparecards while I think most people agree that some sort of economic slowdown is coming in the next couple years hopefully it won't be the same height two thousand eight two thousand nine again so given that it's reasonable to assume that even if the rate of growth slows a little bit we're still going to see credit card debt completely climb the average balance on a credit card is now almost six thousand two hundred dollars with the typical American holding for credit cards Chris Seton's can extend seventy newsradio install forty three and so miss place furniture in Long Beach apparently there's a couch in lanes of the four five north that Studebaker role we'll take a closer look at that in other traffic problems coming up in two minutes with Lou stop Isaac.

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