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Folks. we we are all. We're all. I think in a similar place and i just. I just wanted to say this. We all know right. Everybody that i've talked to everybody that i've talked to you of late is all feeling stressed. Mentally his feeling rundown feeling tired of all the nonsense is going on all simply say this is not just. You be assured that it's not used you and also be assured that regardless of the rock the boat we know who controls the waves politicians. Don't control our lives. Politicians don't control the next breath or the heartbeat that you just had. That's all by the permission by the sovereignty of god so as much as we get frustrated with the foolishness of authorities at times and we do when it was your parents. They annoyed you when it was. Your boss annoyed you when it's the government. They annoy you because they're all annoying times. Anybody who's in charge we can be because we'd all like to their own thing but just continue folks continue to trust continue to pray continue to seek. God we do not look at this and despair as those who don't know who they are who they're made by or who the belong to would do not as one of the great benefits of our faith so as we continue through the book of proverbs we are in proverbs. Twenty four tonight living all the life has never been without challenges in a fallen and sinful world. There's never been a time when it was simple or easy to be free from sin. There was never a time when the same attractive sins weren't available on some form or another deliberate. An informed choices have always been needed in terms of living a life that has godly from the men and women who tried to honor god. This fallen world as we look at proverbs twenty four. We see a reoccurring theme speaking on preparedness. I heard it said back in college days. That failure to prepare is preparing to fail. And you hear that kind of proverb as as an idea here that lots of different ways. I remember when my dad would be work. You build things in his hands but i would say always remember son measure twice cut once and it's the same sort of thing this idea. That preparation is so so important. When you're doing things because if you don't prepare you're putting yourself in a position we're not likely to be as successful as you might be and so we're going to look at that. As an ideas we bunch through proverbs twenty four the evening starting with the section of versus one to ten looking at versus three and i and says this by wisdom houses built and by understanding it is established by knowledge. The rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches versus three or four telling us that structure family or even a dynasty. A nation is built with wisdom in mind wisdom being the right understanding of who we are before god on a proper understanding of what we do with knowledge and employing it in the world and so think of like this were called to act out gain on standing called a gain at the act out the understanding. And we're called to contain knowledge because again. The scripture says there and by understanding by acting out the knowledge that we have by living out the understanding because how many of us how many of us has kids did the things. We knew..

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