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Stress level. So yeah, I'm sure Pete Miller needs a break. But much like I've talked about with Bob Baffert, due process in your day in court means something here in America. If you go back to December 27th of last year, Pete has had 6 horses, die in his care. About half from musculoskeletal, injuries, and half. From sudden death hemorrhage. Without knowing any of the details surrounding these, it would be inappropriate, and way out of line in my opinion for me to comment much further on that situation. But I will say this this is probably the right time for Pete Miller to step back. Look in the mere reevaluate and figure out what the heck is going on. Because that ain't normal. Something is going on within that program. To cause these catastrophic injuries. I'm not buying peat statement that these things are not part of the reason. He's stepping away, or not the sole reason he stubborn. Maybe not the sole reason, but certainly they have to be part of it. They certainly play into the health concerns, he stated, four stepping away. It all goes hand in hand. But we wish Pete the best and hope he's going to be okay going forward, he will take a break, he will spend time with his family he will focus on his health, and get a chance to step back and reevaluate the philosophy the approach the program, and see if we can figure out what's going on there. The race of the day this afternoon at aqueduct is the grade two red Smith handicap. Pretty good race, too. Tim wilkin is going to join me in a few minutes to talk about that race and spend some time remembering. Pulitzer Prize winning sports writer, red Smith. Going to talk about the man who the race is named for. And with Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday, and this being the time of year that so many people are giving thanks and helping others, I thought it would be nice to talk with jockey, raji mirage on this Saturday morning about his new endeavor. It's called road Jackie. If you haven't heard of it. He is helping to streamline the process of getting food to people, in his native Jamaica. Somewhat of a Uber eats type of situation is what it sounds like. But I'm going to ask Rajiv about it. And what he's doing there in Jamaica to make it easier for people to get food. Rajiv is going to join me at 8 40 eastern. The New York islanders. Of the NHL are going to open their new hockey arena tonight on the property of Belmont park. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out logistically. With game day traffic, they'll have concerts there too, concert traffic. And of course the race traffic being right next to Belmont park. If you've ever tried to get to a big race day at Belmont, coming across the cross island. It can be a bit of a challenge. If you're not there early. And I'm going to talk to turf writer and blood horse contributor Bobby halt. At 9 o'clock eastern to discuss how that relationship might work out between the islanders and Belmont park. That comes up at 9. 9 35 Gulf Stream analyst Ron nicoletti is going to be here to walk through today's mandatory pick 6 sequence. In South Florida, has to be paid out today. Ronnie will take a look at all 6 races at 9 35. Our three kicks off at ten eastern in the room with Sean clancy. Today, a special visit, unique visit, probably a better way to describe it. With former jockey, now Charles town's top trainer, Jeff Franco. Yeah, he started like so many trainers do. As a writer, made the transition, and Shawn talked to him about that at ten eastern. Ten 25 curb Becker takes you on his weekly stroll through racing history, presented by lane's end, and keenland, and at 10.3 I ask they answer Dell Roman's Tim wilkin. They will both be here to debate so many of the topics that are happening in the sport today, including. More on Pete Miller. That comes up at 10.3 Eastern Time. Poll question today, which morning line favorite is most likely to win today. There are only those three greatest stakes so I thought we would focus on the three greatest stakes taking place in the United States today. Which morning my favorite is most likely to win today. Obligatory in the chalukya served the Obligatory in the served the king in the red Smith, or 8 rings in the native diver out of delmar. Which morning my favorite is most likely to win today. You know, I'll give you a fourth choice too. All three will win. How's that? Four choices for you. Go to HR N Twitter, horse racing radio network on Facebook, or you can email the show. Mike at horse racing radio .NET and let me know your thoughts about that poll question today. Should be interesting. You see how those responses come in. None of those horses are overwhelming favorites. They're not two to 5 on the morning line. So the three stakes are well balanced. And I have to think that one of those, maybe two of those horses are going to get beat. I can see a scenario where one maybe maybe all three get beat. I guess maybe that's another you can only give four choices. On Twitter. So we're not going to be able to give you that one, but maybe if you think all three get beat, let me know that too. Just chime in with a comment, or shoot me an email, and let me know your thoughts which morning line favorite is most likely to win today, obligatory in the chalukya serve the king in the red Smith, 8 rings in the native diver, or fourth choice all three will win. All right, when I come back, I'm going to kick things off with Tim wilkin with take a look at the red Smith handicap at aqueduct today and he will talk about the man red Smith, raji mirage follows him and our number one. The equine form, presented by woodbine entertainment is right.

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