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Asia for this monday july third in hong kong sunday july second to new york coming up this hour starts in much of asia poised to take higher on this first trading day of the second half of the year investors digesting japan's tankan report to see what it says about exports and capital spending china's bond link with hong kong goes live jack ma the my buying because who preach alone where new big commercial lenders led before do millions of china's at microbusinesses i'm rishaad salama got up the story japan's prime minister abu faces a stunning defeat in tokyo election she trump ave trump calls today latest trump tweet featuring w w e getting some angry responds i'm ed baxter with global news defending champ andy murray starts the action at wimbledon monday we'll check the leaderboard at the quicken loans national germany's marcel all takes the second stage at the tour de france i'm donna page that those stories and more coming up and bloomberg sports that's all straight ahead on bloomberg daybreak asia on bloomberg eleven very owner york bloomberg 991 washington d c bloomberg 1200 boston bloomberg nine sixty san francisco siriusxm won nineteen and around the world on bloombergcom and by other radio bless mobilize good morning to our audience in hong kong and across asia i'm doug christner at bloomberg world headquarters in new york and i mean july bloomberg's asian headquarters right here in hong kong well dug we got it last hour at the tankan survey and it looks like sentiment is pretty epi confidence among japan's large manufacturers improving for a third straight quarter exports continue to drive the longest running expansion in japan in about a decade so this is the boj sentiment index tom com this is among large manufacturers the index rose to a reading of seventeen that's up from twelve just three months ago and the market was looking for something around fifteen so above forecast on that front right now the yen holding a stronger against the dollar word 112 thirty eighty five the equity market in tokyo has just opened higher by about two tenths of one percent right now in seoul.

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