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American League championship series on ESPN radio and the ESPN. Regal bottom eight here at Fenway park in Boston. Who shabby Jessica dill's it? Josh James continues on the hill. And Rafael Devers, set givers Kinzler Bradley, three fielders to the right of second lost on top six four Chata even series at a game apiece and LCS game three tomorrow in LA. F s one and ESPN Radi. I offering swang and a ground ball. That's a base hit with the right side. Whole. So. With the base dot leadoff man aboard. And here comes the Kessler. There wasn't much of a whole the infield shifted three infielders on the right side and hit it hard enough. Where Korea NFL too. Not a lot of room two of them. But it's not passed. Ever looked pretty good tonight at the plate Cutler hits adult walk. Here's Kinzler older three defensively. Berry chart. James working out of a stretch. Kicks deliver. That's way outside low. Eight nine eight a one scheduled for the Astros in the night..

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