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Just that it hit me speak to our audience show just hold a second listen carefully and if you could understand what I'm saying and many of you crying out but take time if you can see there are just so if you could and I think if you can see I'm coming as the extension of Jesus and Jesus Centro guard it's simple watching watch your thoughts close your eyes make your hands tingle a little bit because there's a reason for it which I won't go to now close your eyes when you start to think and memorize things that are disturbing just start watch the noise in your head or the picture and just watch it and many people are rude when you go about be it what book about knowing that the somebody's gonna see you weakness be prepared so when people are start to be sarcastic whatever it was that as you knew as a child in there's no way you begin to become a strong you look at the person but they're just the pain of piece of furniture I'm just making a little joke low credit them as walking talking furniture as amusements as a matter of speaking just to make a point just watch and that watching is a light to the darkness it's that simple chest watch can you become an extension of him through me and from Jesus who got it from the crater his father in heaven simple to go to bring it down to some city takes a little practice so all rights Cheryl get the point can you give it a good try actually you don't have to try you just have to watch close your eyes when you have a thought and when people are rude you can see the rudeness coming watch what they do wait for them to start to play it could you be able to see it that in a light that I'm speaking about that's causing you to watch and that image it extends to the person who is just about to hurt you and so you can see because you're seeing from within not with your eyes open for the sunshine it was seeing from within the light is coming from in and it's it will go away and see if it comes back just watch never get frustrated watch watch watch be.

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