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Partner of Major League Baseball. Cardinals in the bottom of the seventh inning with Dominic Leone on the mound for the Giants saw Paul Goldschmidt hit a solo homer. So that brought ST Louis to within 7 to 2. Leon would strike out the next two hitters, but struggled to get out of the inning. Molina singled in a long at that Edmund, then work to walk, and then Paul de Young singled. So that loaded the bases and the Cardinals were looking for that big hit the hit that really have been eluding them all night. And it was a hit that perhaps could get them back into the game. And with Leone up over 30 pitches in the inning, Gabe Kapler decided to make a pitching change, and he brought in J. Jackson Jackson. It was just called up from Triple A Sacramento earlier today, his first year in the Giants organization had never pitched in a game with the San Francisco Giants before tonight. LTD. Big league experience in previous years with the Padres and the Brewers but a long road back. He'd pitched in Japan last year, so it gets thrown right into the fire there in the bottom of the seventh. Bases loaded two outs to face Harrison Bader and just slider after slider. After slider. Bader eventually worked the count fold and then finally on me. Seventh pitch of the at bat. Jackson would get a big third out Jackson ready. Another 32 pitch is strike three, called a fastball at 93 right over the outside corner, Jackson with a huge grin as he walks off the mound, his first big league pitch in a couple of years. And what a job there to get The strikeout and strand the bases loaded. Yeah, I was kind of a sneak attack fastball after all those sliders. And that would really be it for the Cardinals tonight. Jackson went back to the mound in the eighth, put up another zero and then Tyler Rogers closed it out with 123 bottom of the ninth inning as the Giants win it by a final score. 7 to 2 time now for the K counter sponsored by cars for.

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