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One ninety two three that's a book two four one one and ninety two three there's a lot of reasons why it's dangerous for me I think one of the biggest dangers and pitfalls that face new home buyers that do not have legal representation are the things that the onsite agent will not tell you and there's a there's there's a few things that they will not tell you because it's their job to sell okay and they're not going to tell you water certain things that you might want to avoid for example a couple of the big ones is I you know I do everything I can to sway my buyer from buying homes under need power lines because power lines are eyesores and people don't want to buy a house with a power line right you know right behind them and so when later on down the road when you go to sell your home not only is it gonna take longer to sell but you're not going to get as much money as another similar house right around the corner another pitfall that a onsite age is not going to tell you is yeah you should try to avoid backing up to a major street minor streets not as bad but a major street like a camel back or an Indian school or a Gilbert road or or something like that catastrophic I in my opinion to the value of your home and how long it's going to take for you to sell the home those are things that they're not going to tell you right I am this just in my experience but when I see a home inspector to road a major road it's a minimum of a ten percent that deduction of minimum central so if your home or if the same home across street sells for five hundred thousand dollars or four thousand out immediately you've lost fifty forty thousand dollars just by just by having been backed up to a man right why would an onsite agent tell you that they wouldn't maybe I don't even know and and our and their guess what they're not going to give you a ten percent discount on the home you might even be paying for a lot and I don't know what so being careful that is definitely definitely important and I do like that about the power lines because the other thing we have to take into account is not just the money element but when you want to put a for sale sign on that front yard you're also adding days on market yeah so it usually takes about three times longer to sell a home that has one of those pitfalls there then it would be if they weren't and if your also your kid might pop out with two heads no I'm just kidding that's a that's a.

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