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It is creativity in youthfulness trying to find its way into this conflicted young adult who is on this bridge to adulthood trying to remember. Hey you can work. You need to make sure that you work and take take your life seriously but also that you need to remember to have faith in yourself and always remember that you need to be able to have a little fun and be creative because that is how you're going to get through life and i think it's a very beautiful message Especially when when put that way and I think that there's something else that i need to talk about. Two which is the title When you look at the title what can we see well while it is in fact. So it's mr magouras wonder emporium while it is in fact. Run by mr magoo. I would say that's not the important part here. That's not the important part of the title. What is an emporium. Has anyone ever thought about this simply put. It's a retail store that provides something i. It's a store. It's something that you that you go in you get something from it. Well what is important What's important about this is that never. Has this building ever claimed to be a toy store. Isn't that interesting. How we see this and it appears to be a toy store but the title of the movie doesn't say toy store it says wonder emporium the character. Mr mcguigan doesn't ever refer to it as a toy store. The only person that refers to it as a toy store is henry and in mali. But that's the adult hood. Part of mali. Talking when she's talking to eric and she's like oh i can't keep working at the The toy story that that's the only time they refer to as a toy store and emporium. I think it's important to note that emporium is not a toy store. Those aren't synonymous a an emporium. An emporium what that pokemon was gone. am am pouria. Must forget what the word wise emporium is essentially. Just that it's a store that's all it is. It's a place it's a retail place where you can go and buy stuff. So is it a toy store. No now mr mma him even explicitly states it is in fact not a toy store but instead he says oh. It's so much more that's what he says. These these are quotes now. I'll say this to it. Provides wonder to its customers. That is what it's selling a quote unquote on selling. It provides wonder to its customers which speaks volumes based on everything else that we've discussed so far so the point of mr magori wonder emporium is to help. Kids stay in tune with their own youthfulness into let's say even strengthen their youthfulness and create some kind of foundation there it is to reinforce young adults to go into their adulthood with this level of creativity and youthfulness and it is. It's the responsibility of this emporium to bring people like henry that do all work and no play and remind them that even though they aren't adult that they they should remember to stay the at heart. Our kids that they are. They are a kid at heart. I say a bold theory that i have is that mr memoriam is the wonder emporium so this is a slightly different conversation here. There's not a lot of backup. This idea That mr mugabe is actually the emporium itself But it certainly does mir his same sense of humor in its playfulness and when mr Mr goria seems to be sick in a little bit..

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